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Nostradamus C6 Q42: The genetic defect passed on by the Jesus clone.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse continues story of the Jesus clones rebirth in Italy and it includes details of the genetic defect his line inherits. There is also a sequence of anagrams that suggest Nostradamus had an interest in this particular defect as it applied to his own son Caesar.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

a gloomy reason Israel generalises androgenesis amylogen gene
A logmyon ſera laiſſe le regne

drug ad[d]ict guard dangers lines quin [e]quip refusal feared
Du grand Selin qui plus fera de faict

realists enters reason engines adorns planetaries
Par les Italies eſtendra ſon enſeigne

craftier register Persia appraiser counted countertrend
Regi ſera par prudent contrefaict

# amylogen: the water soluble part of a starch granule.
To Ogmios will be left the realm
Of the great Selin, who will in fact do more
Throughout Italy will he extend his banner,
He will be ruled by a prudent deformed one.
A logmyon ſera laiſſe le regne
Du grand Selin qui plus fera de faict
Par les Italies eſtendra ſon enſeigne
Regi ſera par prudent contrefaict
L1: <orleanS generaliSeS my log><~realiSeS a gloomy gene learnS~><norSe Amylogen (starch producers) aliaSeS><reaSon my goAl realiSeS gene><~elSe arSenal iS gloomy generA~><my Agelong reaSons leSSer ail><my Son aerial gene leSSer goAl><my norSe goAl aSSail gene>

L2: <plus irelandS feared Dufaict quin><quip lineS refusal><dangerS feared linq Dufaict><Dufaict Slandering quip refusal><guarD linq endS>

L3: <PlanetarIes Sent androgeneSiS lies><radonS engineS Sent PlanetarIes lies><denSest reaSon engineS sIte ail><none Seeing Its Paler ail><Pen Sees Israel ardent oneneSS tail><Pen realIst Seeing ardent Son Sees ail><PlenarIes>

L4: <ariegeS cRafter content><pruducent fainter para-RegiSter><appraiSer countertrend><RegiSter fornicate>perSia counted fear uptrend under Siege
1: countertrend, guidecraft, planetaries, amylogen, gloomy,
2: craftier, agelong, 
3: slandering, seeping,
4: androgenesis, generalises, fornicate, appraiser, Dufaict, register, prudent / uptrend, 
5: counted, equilin, linq,
6: refusal, densest,
7: aerials, arsenal,
8: contend, content, oneness, goal,
9: fainter,
10: Angelo,
11: Irelands, salaries, aliases,
12: plenaries, engines, tiger,
13: realises,
14: reaping,
15: assail,
16: realist, resiles,
17: turned, aerial,
18: yesno, fuels,
19: ensign,
20: alone,
21: Oannes, alias,
22: Arieges,
23: lends.

 gloomy, planetaries, countertrend, guidecraft, slandering, seeping, amylogen, craftier, agelong, androgenesis, generalises, register, fornicate, Dufaict, appraiser, prudent, counted, densest, aerials, link, arsenal, refusal, contend, oneness, goal, Irelands, plenaries, engines, realises, realist, reaping, Arieges, fuels.




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