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Nostradamus C6 Q45: On the opponents of cloning from DNA of historical figures.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The implantation of DNA into an ovule that will mature to become the Jesus clone is not welcomed by all and this verse sets out some of those who oppose it.

This verse and C10 Q51 both contain anagrams for guides but both also share anagrams based on evangelism which provides a foundation for the nature of Nostradamus' guide.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

leg owner renew under ruder gene begin causant beings
Le gouuerneur du regne bien ſcauant

Alencons Tyrolean enclones inventors ovulant tolerancy
Ne conſentir voulant au faict Royal

Lille allelic apes oracle never replaces re-creation revilement
Mellile claſſe par le contraire vent

really meter matter Paulson pulsed alloys used
Le remettra a ſon plus deſloyal
The very learned governor of the realm,
Not wishing to consent to the royal deed
The fleet at Melilla through contrary wind
Will deliver him to his most disloyal one.
Le gouuerneur du regne bien ſcauant
Ne conſentir voulant au faict Royal
Mellile claſſe par le contraire vent
Le remettra a ſon plus deſloyal
L1: <~under uacant Leg Subengineer uuore~><anguLate ouuner dreuu bi genre><durer begin rune><reneuu urdr gene>

L2: <once latroCiny (band of robbers) inSert ovulant><coinventerS anul toleraNcy><orNately conSent><aleNcon tRoy inveStor anul><tyRoleaN aunt valour i conSenT><~alcyoNe aunt vulnerationS (woundings) factoRi~>eNcloneS

L3: <rape ScaleS reelMent ill creation><nonretractive illScale repealS><creation never Met lille ScaleS><revileMent tar clone rape ScaleS><ill ScaleS replace elMent not arrive~><allelic lapSeS><aS ill cell replaceS><placeleSS oracle retrain> event

L4:<~eLl meter unpaStoral alloy Seeds~><aLloys pulsed a Son matter><~Sol reaLly used p-ersonal matter~><pulsed on alloyS Strata / aStarte><paulsSon matter>
1: co-inventors, lectionary, unpastoral, sub-engineer, latrociny, revilement, tolerancy, placeless, revelment, Alcyone, allelic,
2: Castelnau, being / begin,
3: nonretractive, investor, vintners, valour, really,
4: Pauls-son, Alencons, strata,
5: recreation, ornately / Tyrolean, angulate, Alencon,
6: enclones, Astarte, arrive, ally,
7: inventors, ovulant, reneuu,
8: loyaler, Urdu,
9: inverts, Caliel,
10: creation / reaction, alloys,
11: replaces,
12: replace, uacant, rerun,
13: Urdr,
14: invert,
15: oracle, Lille,
16: -
17: -
18: alloy / loyal, ouuner, never,
19: -
20: consent.
21: -
22: -
23: -

 co-inventors, sub-engineer, unpastoral, lectionary, placeless latrociny, revilement, tolerancy,, Alcyone, revelment, Castelnau, being, nonretractive, investor, vintners, valour, really, Pauls-son, Alencons, Tyrolean, strata, enclones, allelic, ovulant, recreation, Astarte, arrive, inventors, angulate, ally, renew, replace Urdr, oracle, Lille, loyal, owner, never, consent.


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