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Nostradamus C6 Q47: Islum and Judaism unite in order to wipe out the Holy Grail legacy.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Two opponents of cloning from Jesus 'DNA' unite in an attempt to wipe out the San Grael legacy. These opponents are unlikely allies being of the Jewish and Islamic faith but the world in which they act is no longer as we know it but a far more watery world beset by great floods, plague and asteroids.

Anagrams that help determine this verse's meaning include:

mounts less used Nostredemux argue entered  solemnest use
Entre deux monts les deux grans aſſembles

Israels ideals Norse result Islum cruelest secret reselect
Delaiſſeront leur ſimulte ſecrette

curb prealloted cell old parallel San Grael carnages graces rabbles abc clue
Brucelle et Dolle par Langres acables

purest poets Europa arm align excuse Angelim lineages executes ruler
Pour a Malignes executer leur peſte
The two great ones assembled between two mountains
Will abandon their secret quarrel
Brussels and Dole overcome by Langres,
To execute their plague at Malines.
Entre deux monts les deux grans aſſembles
Delaiſſeront leur ſimulte ſecrette
Brucelle et Dolle par Langres acables
Pour a Malignes executer leur peſte
L1: <nostredemux tEnse eludes><mountx deter less uxed ensSembles><less uxed mounts Entered maSSes rang>>stolen exude(s) extrude rElents

L2: <Secret lute leD miSrule aSSertion><norSe iDealS reSult><realiSeS iSlum rule not Secret> <Select reSult raiSeS on lettereD><norSe reSult Secret DetailS><SenSorial reSult><cruelest /lectures miSrule><iSlum rule not iSraelS Secret>

L3: <<abc ranges parallel><prealloteD sangraeL><scraBble clue ranges parallel><curBs calabrese ell eet><~raBbles clue eLl tolleD rape carnages~> <cabal ranges><caesar cell ruBbles>graces

L4: <alarMing / Marginal executes><execute single preSet rule><true exigencies (urgencies) rule alarM><ruler execute a single peSt><euroPa Malign ruler executes peSt> <angeliM excuse a pure Proteus><~ur ePopteS (initiate of mysteries) executes angeliM ruler~><sex lecture align>
1: exigences, alarming, marginal, detecters, parallel, executes, lettered, cabal,
2: prealloted, Calabrese, carnages, rabbles, execute,
3: Nostredemux, Telemus, curb, abc,
4: -
5: assembles, repulser,
6: Miletus, misrule, malign, reselect, graces, Bruce,
7: assertion, lineages, Angelim, cruelest / lectures, excuse, masses,
8: ensembles, curbs,
9: sangrael (2x), ensemble, repulse, Petrus / purest,
10: unexerted, reputes,
11: -
12: planar, secrete, Caesar, poets,
13: extrude, realises, lecture, Grux,
14: assemble, resented, Islum,
15: solmnest, single, Europa,
16: posture / Proteus / Proetus,
17: Israels, align,
18: elated,
19: ideal, poet,
20: ideals,
21: ruler,
22: -
23: result.

Nostredemux, abc, realloted, Calabrese, carnages, rabbles, Telemus, execute, curb, Miletus, misrule, malign, reselect, graces, Bruce, assertion, Angelim, cruelest, lineages, excuse, masses, assemble, purest, San Grael, repulse, Islum, resented, Europa, single, solemnest, posture, poet, align, Israels, ruler, ideals.

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