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Nostradamus C6 Q50: Jesus' line and the coming war at end of this century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 50  Sound patterns in canticles relate to comets timing the resurrection of Jesus line via TamarThe frequency with which anagrams and text can be aligned with the legend that Jesus' line survived his crucifixion imply Nostradamus may have intentionally built these stories into his work. If so it is likely they have direct relevance to the initiators and major participants of the war he foresaw for the end of this century. Since Nostradamus time Europe has had quite catastrophic wars and yet Nostradamus work concentrated on a war to come. What we can take from that is this coming war does what no other has achieved, it radically alters the destiny of mankind. This verse is distinctly part of this tale of our future and is also tightly tied to the legends of Jesus.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Eddan pulse Yesus sensory torrents Norse uurote less torrentuous lossez
2. Israel centralises comets commensalistic pairs Tamar canticles realise
3. Zealots latest chant St Thecla rubricate gone
4. Tamar attends Easter trauma sound-pattern treasons

#St Thecla: In Acts of Paul a saint who survived attempts to burn her.
#Tamar: purported daughter of Jesus.
Within the pit will be found the bones,
Incest will be committed by the stepmother:
The state changed, they will demand fame and praise
And they will have Mars attending as their star.
Dedans le puys ſeront trouues les oz
Sera l'inceſt commis par la maratre
L'eſtat change on querra bruict et loz
Et aura Mars attendant pour ſon aſtre
  1. <uurote /touuer loses eDdan Sensory pulse><Yesus Dead/ Dazed torrentuouS loSsez><rotten>< torrentS <~uurote Yesus torn less planes dozed~>
  2. <Seer commensaliStic
  3. <zealotS chant let><rubricate [red lettering] gennao [idea of begetting] St-Thecla [pious martyr follower of Paul] lozt><Latest c-onquerer hang >
  4. <~our pendant reSonatES start a trauMa~>.<taMars (Jesus daughter?) as Sound-pattern on trEe><~our pendant start (on) Son EaSter trauma~>
1: commensalistic, trauma, soundpattern, centralises, conceits, canticles, rubricate,
2: zealots commits, larcenies,
3: uproots, attendant, reliance, attach, dozes, commit,
4: attaches, lossez, strata,
5: torrentuous, centralise, interlaces, resonates, Tamars,
6: comets, torrents, Astarte, dazed,
7: Yesus, sensory, turnout, arsons, loze,
8: retailers, attends, porous, gennao,
9: pendant,
10: unelapsed, resonate, spiral, lozes (2x), Tamar,
11: outrules, telurous, louuers / slouuer, Ysus,
12: stupor, linc,
13: latest, 
14: clients, start,
15: entreats,
16: Lepuy,
17: torrent,
18: -
19: treasons,
20: realise, uuoes,
21: -
22: arum,
23: linear.

commensalistic, sound pattern, centralises, Jesus, Tamar, St Paul, St Thecla, sensory, trauma, torrents, Astarte, comets, canticles, dazed, zealots, retailers, loze, arsons, attend, resonate, telurous, stupor, clients, start treasons, torrent, realise, woes.


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