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Nostradamus C6 Q52: The imprisonment of the condemned Jesus clone in Northern Italy.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has strong links to other verses in this section and together they provide a composite picture of the events in a later time when barbaric religiously motivated invaders hunt down the Jesus clone in the mountain regions of Italy.

Anagrams that will determine this verse's meaning include:

augured line wide guard quandaries acquires codename scenario
En lieu du grand qui ſera condemne

palaces pride Son honors Masons so many landscape horizons replaced
De priſon hors ſon a my en ſa place

Tyrolean personality lamentory repository enfix joys
L'eſpoir Troyen en fix moys joinct mort nay

also all Lunar runes Norse print angels useful glance
Le sol a l'vrne ſeront prins fleuues en glace
In place of the great one who will be condemned,
Outside the prison, his friend in his place:
The Trojan hope in six months joined, born dead,
The Sun in the urn rivers will be frozen.

En lieu du grand qui ſera condemne
De priſon hors ſon a my en ſa place
L'eſpoir Troyen en fix moys joinct mort nay
Le sol a l'vrne ſeront prins fleuues en glace.
  1. <~unargued linE Squired encodename~><augured linE><acquireS unguarded demon linE><linE men encod drug quandarieS><deaconries><decameron>Scenario uuield uuide

  2. <a Sons honor iS replaceD><priSoned palaceS><So many sane perioDS shorn><arSons lanDscape my horiSons><priSoned palaceS><~So many horns So priDe Sane place~>maSons ranSoms

  3. <tyroLean repoSiTory> <fine perSonaliTy> <enn repoSiTory mix joys Lamentory tonic><matronLy yen enfix poSTerior tonic><poLeS riotry><Troy notary SpoiLer>joins

  4. <norSe print Leos useful vernal glances>
1: personality, repository, lamentory, landscape, Decameron, horisons, glances,
2: quandaries, deaconries, matronly, posterior, calipered, prisoned, acquires, pierced, anomy, enfix,
3: condemn, placed, joys,
4: unguarded, replaced, scenario, horison, palaces, masons, honor,
5: ornately / Tyrolean, periods, ransoms, augured, useful, mix,
6: horns / shorn, lvnar, uuide,
7: unargued, arsons, Aleced,
8: palace, nevers / nerves, horn,
9: fix,
10: spoiler, uuield, many,
11: vernal, caries,
12: notary, mox,
13: prides, plans, clap,
14: prison, prints,
15: -
16: join,
17: -
18: fuels, rvnes,
19: -
20: -
21: risque / squire,
22: place, pride, quid.
23: -

matronly, repository, augured line, sons honor, calipered, prisoned, palaces, acquires unguarded demon, lamentory, personality, Tyrolean, landscape, horizons, scenario, replaces, masons, periods, so many, wide, lunar, horns, notary, useful, mix, prints, plans, fuels, prisin, pride, place.

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