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Nostradamus C6 Q55: 22ndC invasion by Arab nations begins at base of Alps.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 41One of the important focal points of this verse are the anagrams for seaport ( Trapeſo) and ocean ( once A) and it is important to note that as with all other city names in these verses we cannot make assumptions as to their current location with respect to the seas.

One of the very strong themes in all of Nostradamus work is the impact of a great flood that covers seventy percent of France and leaves the major cities forgotten under great depths of water.

C9 Q69 Line 4: Lobster on the land not a third thereof will remain.

C1 Q69
The great mountain, seven stadia round,
after peace, war, famine, flooding.
It will spread far, drowning great countries,
even antiquities and their mighty foundations

In my paper on Floods I set out the evidence in the prophecies for this and point out that this implies an unprecedented raising of sea levels by 200 metres. This changes the landscape completely from what we currently know with many places on continents becoming islands, rivers are shorter and seaports exist where there are now only mountain-towns.

For example the Durance ( e Duc en ar) occurs as an anagram in this verse and under a scenario of massive sea rise this river would no longer be a tributary of the Rhone but a river emptying into a sea that reaches along the base of the Alps.

Therefore if you now envisage a ship from Arab lands that can sail far inland into France you have the means of understanding the many verses that tell the tale of a future invasion of France.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Auch male Durance arch planets poles once ocean haplocaulescent
Au chalme Duc en arrachant l'eſponce

raiseable variole woke disturb elaborative codes wrote
Voile Arabes que voir ſubit deſcouuerte

repeats once seaport inspector executed necrophilistic perceptions project
Tripolis Chio et ceux de Trapeſonce

manuscripted negro generator locate citadel delicate seed rested
Duc prins Marnegro et la cite deſerte
# haplocaulescent: botany term for plant having a simple axis with reproductive organs along that axis.
By the appeased Duke in drawing up the contract,
Arabesque sail seen, sudden discovery
Tripoli, Chios, and those of Trebizond,
Duke captured, the Black Sea and the city a desert
Au chalme Duc en arrachant l'eſponce
Voile Arabes que voir ſubit deſcouuerte
Tripolis Chio et ceux de Trapeſonce
Duc prins Marnegro et la cite deſerte
L1: <Durance (river) anarch hAplocauleScent><achernar planetS lumed auch oceAn><once planetS arch lumed crane>leptonS poleS penSAco>

L2: <Subedit elAboratiVe Sou[u]rce><uuore elAborative queves><urS tr[u]e bit codeS>diSturb <bouvierS uurote Arabesque olive dietS><Arable queves><Aerial Voter ouue SubcreditS><Variole tree base><reViolAte barques><basque violet erA>

L3: <SeaporT / operaTeS execute necrophilisTiC><uxe oils Trade Ch[e]otic percepTionS><inSpecTor rePeat oils uxed><~SecreTion spoil Cheotic parT exude~><~penSaco is poliTer Cheotic extrude~><SeaporT / operaTeS encript executed><proiecT perSonated><Trade recepTions> predaTeS

L4: <Seer pictureD Mans edict range><locate tide /diet seer ManuscripteD><dialect generator perSecuteD><negro tactile / lattice><~Seer unscripteD engraM / gerMan dialect rote~><deceit reSet>
1: necrophilistic, perceptions, manuscripted, haplocaulescent, elaborative, renograms, unscripted, persecuted, reviolate, Bouviers, raiseable, disturb, maculed,
2: pictured, subedits, creditees, proiect, Basque,
3: generator, Achernar, operates, barques,
4: leprotic, retested, manners, debits, locate,
5: receptions, inspector / inceptors, caupones, variole, legator, Elnath,
6: deceits, violet, predate, spoil, overt / voter,
7: Pensaco (2x), secretion, executed, Durance, Germans, visor,
8: coparents, subedit, leptons, eructed, debit,
9: predates, Tanach / acanth, costed, Aesop,
10: anarch, vote / veto,
11: planets, seaport,
12: delicate, lattice / tactile, arable, Elarab,
13: encript, extrude, edicts, ocean,
14: citadel / dialect,
15: -
16: coutures, deceit, Iove,
17: duetx, olive, aerial,
18: steered,
19: -
20: engram / German,
21: educt,
22: spelt,
23: couture.

necrophilistic, perceptions, manuscripted, haplocaulescent, elaborative, violet, locate, variole, inceptors, generator, Bouviers, unscripted, project, persecuted, raiseable, creditees, disturb, pictured, manners, Basque, operates, retested, debits, legator, spoil, Pensaco (2x), overt, Durance, secretion, Germans, leptons, executed, coparents, Tanach, costed, anarch, debit, planets, ocean, seaport, costed, arable, citadel, aerial Jove, steered, deceits, Achernar, Elnath, predate.

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