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Nostradamus C6 Q56: As the flood begins a racial purge seeks to kill the Jesus clone.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse tells part of the story of the future Islamic invasion of France at the time of the Jesus clone's birth. This is the onset of a watery world that coincides with the birth as conveyed by anagrams saying many born racial retain ( my Na - rbon - La crai -inte ar), a deluge born( eugle d - a - rbon) and remap clone labors ( Lors Ba- r -celon - Par me).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

nonbacterial  tarriance redeem reeanimated needle many men born
La crainte armee de l'ennemy Narbon

far years Sefirot loftier spheres shelters queries effuse
Effrayera ſi fort les Heſperiques

Agrippan wa[r]ning  wei[r]d ape value deluge pardonable Baron born
Parpignan vuide par l'aueugle darbon

personal labors clone remap modern oracle Leonard d'Orleans equips roles
Lors Barcelon Par mer donra les piques
The dreaded army of the Narbonne enemy
Will frighten very greatly the Hesperians
Perpignan empty through the blind one of Arbon,
Then Barcelona by sea will take up the quarrel.
La crainte armee de l'ennemy Narbon
Effrayera ſi fort les Heſperiques
Parpignan vuide par l'aueugle darbon
Lors Barcelon Par mer donra les piques
L1: <maNy born deem cranial tear><centraLia remade maNy born><nonbacteriaL arm><needle baroNy men><caroLina bar><cLan retain arm rob maNY><maNy racial born><deem aLcoran retain><redeem a certainLoan>raiment

L2: <lest iS year for SpHere><eff queries farSi (Persian Language) year><year reequips Sofia Shelters><Holster reequipS Sefira ray><loftier affrayerS perisHeS><reequipS sHelter of arieS ray>

L3: <~a agriPpan unpaired-value born glued~><a deluge born><ann gauuler vuide grip Pardonable><gauuler ape><broaden a epidural glue> paired

L4: <modern loSers Bar pasquiler clone><d'orlean Prearm equips clone LaBors><Pan oracle roBs / orBs><Bars remap roLes ronald clone equips>
1: nonbacterial, pardonable,
2: Centralia, Carolina, tarriance, epaulard, affrayer, Caterina, cranial, barony, shelter, rarefy, crabs,
3: reeanimated, Agrippan, Alcoran, 
4: pasquiler, epidural, holster, labors, Sofia,
5: quips, pig,
6: perishes, loftier, raping, effray, racial, needle,
7: peshers / spheres,
8: broaden, Balder, broad, Farsi,
9: gauuler, crab,
10: personal, reequips, modern, uvide, many, grip,
11: reequip, Pesher / sphere, uuage, sheep,
12: requips, Roland, deluge, fray, orbs / robs,
13: enspiral,
14: equips, redeem, ualue / uueal,
15: queries, oracle, paired, arefy / faery,
16: d'Orleans, bard, certain,
17: raiment,
18: losers, aural / Laura,
19: bread / bared,
20: years,
21: d'Orlean / Leonard (2x), Baron (2x), risque, / squire, 
22: Orlean, year.
23: -

nonbacterial, pardonable, tarriance, Centralia, Carolina, shelter, barony, rarefy, cranial, crabs, reeanimated, Agrippan, racial, needle, Farsi, broaden, Alcoran, personal, labors, reequips, Sofia, loftier, spheres, modern, wide, orbs, enspiral, redeem, year, value, d'Orleans, certain, raiment, oracle, paired.


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