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Nostradamus C6 Q57: The right to claim foreigners property is passed into religious law.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C6 Q57 Tractarian Chapelgoer Forechant Anchor QuestThe anagrams that provide the first focal point for this occur in the first line where two sequence saying it quotes aubaine ( qu'eſto - it - bien au),  which is in old French gave the state the right of possession of th estates of non citizens and lands regence ( dans l - e regne Ce). \Both point to France in Nostradamus time. However as an entry in the Prophecies these ideas refers to a future time when a person in the Roman Church in England will comply with the request of an Islamic ally and claim that the 'right of kings' applies to the chief of the European invaders.

Anagrams that help determine this verse's meaning include:

1. Yule clue quotes aubaine bit slanted regence lands  to biotite niobite quest
2. Any forechant fetch chapelgoer; hierarchal chorale echo regroup
3. Preascertained rule set Tractarian free after recaptured fleets spared
4. Harmonic romance cues succeed as creed scares Roman Caesar area
Succedera a ſacre monarchie
He who was well forward in the realm,
Having a red chief close to the hierarchy,
Harsh and cruel, and he will make himself much feared
He will succeed to the sacred monarchy.
Celuy qu'eſtoit bien auant dans le regne
Ayant chef rouge proche a la hierarchie
Aſpre et cruel et ſe fera tant craindre
Succedera a ſacre monarchie
L1: <biotiteS quey gene learns><lands niobite yule queSt regence><it quoteS lands yule regenCE><greenlands / englanders biotites quey clue><daunt generals>enlarges

L2: <any hierarch a chapelgoer futhoerc><each hierarchial prorogue fetch><forechant purge hierarchial echo><fetch any prorogue each hail archer><regroup echo><rogue fetch any crop heal a heir> cholera

L3: <~preAscertained rule Set reactant free~><iran recuperAteS reactant fleetS><repeAtS lectureS / crueleSt free><after rule Set treeScApe drain><~Andre preSet tractarian lecture feeS~><iran sPread / sPAred reactant fleetS><Andre rule reSpect>recAptureS

L4: <caeSar uSe a harmonic creed><~caeSar roman era chi Succeed~><areaS / (aS era) chiromancer (fortune-teller) Succeed><oman richeS Scare area> romance omen anchor euchariS cameraS
1: Tractarian, chapelgoer, futhoerc, reactant,
2: preascertained, forechant, biotite, niobite, cameras,
3: hierarchial, hierarchal, prorogue, succeed, fleets, 
4: recuperates, aubaine, regence,
5: Englanders / Greenlands, recaptures, romance, fetch, hail,
6: harmonic, quotes, quey(s),
7: cruelest / lectures, regroup, anchor, Tanya, purge,
8: monarch, treescape,
9: macron, moranc, quest,
10: cholera,
11: repeaters, 
12: creams / scream, racier, Caesar,
13: lecture, riches,
14: -
15: Horace,
16: -
17: drapers,
18: respect / sceptre / spectre, freest, creed,
19: enlarges, generals, daunt,
20: -
21: fetes,
22: chair (2x).
23: -

 Tractarian, chapelgoer, futhoerc, reactant, biotite, niobite, preascertained, forechant, hierarchal, prorogue, succeed, fleets, recuperates, aubaine, regence, Englanders, treescape, recaptures, romance, fetch, cameras, hail, harmonic, quotes, cruelest keys, regroup, anchor, Tanya, quest, purge, Roman Caesar, generals, respect, creed, enlarges, fetes.


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