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Nostradamus C6 Q58: Islamic Quran used both to justify and condemn art of cloning.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse provide strong confirmatory details for the theme of an Islamic regime seeking to intervene in the breeding of clones.

Anagrams that help determine this verse's meaning include:

genes tree used roman let[t]ers Qoran use Leo's legions
Etre les deux monarques eſloingez

ancillaries repair replica louder sequels Polar lines
Lors que le Sol par Selin clair perdue

designs Islum generated entered use in indexing
Simulte grande entre deux indignez

six less intense entered reliable tree liberate weak  liberal endure terrible nine interbreed
Qu'aux Iſles et Sienne la liberte rendue
Between the two distant monarchs,
When the clear Sun is lost through Selin
Great enmity between two indignant ones,
So that liberty is restored to the Isles and Siena
Etre les deux monarques eſloingez
Lors que le Sol par Selin clair perdue
Simulte grande entre deux indignez
Qu'aux Iſles et Sienne la liberte rendue
L1: <~legionS zEt quaeres (legal queries> roman elders uxe~><qoran muxed sole ztEering / intEgerz use><see quran loSing>lEtres Sequels roman uxed>

L2: <So replica enSpiral or Sequel Louder~><poleS ancillarieS preruLed><~lineS replica roLes urd polar Sequel~><Sequels repair Louder polar lineS>iSrael preLude april

L3: <~miletus indigenz extrude danger~><~iSlum granted indigenz uxe entered~><iSlums great indexing need retuned><regulant entered ending miSs><~iSlum generated dezign uxed in rent~>renegade siezing size

L4: <Sentinel SexualIse terrible end><else under Six intenSe liberal uuaQe><liberate endure> <else Six liable eStienne returned><uuaQed nine enter Six reliable Sets><all interbreed>
1: ancillaries, seizing,
2: interbreed, designz, Islumz, returned,
3: Roman sequel, sexualise, reliable, lesions / lioness,
4: romanesque, generated, liberate, dezign, sequels (2x), misz,
5: sentinel, replica, Estienne, prelude, 
6: indigen, renegade, ending,
7: terrible, braille / liberal, deleters, genez,
8: Ennead, rezet, zens,
9: belial / labile / liable, size, Xiu (2x),
10: unexerted,
11: Alberti,
12: regulate, linc,
13: enspiral, extrude,
14: Islum,
15: -
16: intense, Bali / Albi,
17: uuax, zete,
18: endanger, quaeres, 
19: tribe / Tiber,
20: -
21: rezt,
22: Quoran, Qoran, sites,
23: legion.

 ancillaries, seizing, Islums, designs, sexualise, reliable, romanesque, lioness, interbreed, indigens, generated, sequels, liberate, sentinel, replica, Estienne, prelude, miss, Miletus, Alexius, terrible, deleters, ending, liberal, renegade, genez, regulate, link, Islum, Koran,enspiral, intense, tribe, sites.


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