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Nostradamus C6 Q61: The hunt for sources of DNA for the Jesus clone.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse equates two periods of history implying their story regarding a cloth is contiguous. The unifying tale is of the Mandylion and the Turin shroud. The anagrams have a clear link to religious themes regarding the pillage of Holy relics which in turn implies an aspect underpinning a future war. It is from such sources that a sect interested in finding a science-based means of recreating Jesus might gather traces of DNA to create a clone.

This verse has strong links to other verses in this section such as C6 Q53 where gasoline and holy relics are common elements in the presented scenario.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

papist tap Limonene pipelines realter Montpelieren's Grael DNA
Le grand tappis plie ne monſtrera

Pauls pall held part history depart for palladium shield made for my holiest squad  
Fors qu'a demy la plus part de l'hiſtoire

Enaggelion Singapore paganiser gasoline appropriates Seas charts assured gene
Chaſſe du regne loing aſpre apparoiſtra

citable libel clique launches invader co[u]rier awake
Qu'au faict bellique chaſcun le viendra croire
# Enaggelion: alternate name for the holy Gospel
# Palladium shield:  in Christian contexts a sacred relic or icon believed to have a protective role for a whole city, people or nation.
The great carpet folded will not show
But by halves the greatest part of history:
Driven far out of the realm he will appear harsh,
So that everyone will come to believe in his warlike acts.
Le grand tappis plie ne monſtrera
Fors qu'a demy la plus part de l'hiſtoire
Chaſſe du regne loing aſpre apparoiſtra
Qu'au faict bellique chaſcun le viendra croire.
  1. <danger tap reaL pipelines><~papist montpelierenS reaL danger~><~and Larger papist penile monSter~>
  2. <pauls part held><holiest / hostile Fire><riotShield For squad><palladyeum part Shield seFirot / Forties> <my pall pastured><paul departs><pulps lay Forties / seFirot Shield art> uppsala
  3. <~CatharS uSed Stori genre loin gaps appear~><~roi (ruyal) ChartS aSSured loin gene gaps appear~<appearS airportS><paperS gain><arCh aSSured appropriateS gaSoline><~oil aSSured aapep arCh gene riotS Sprang~><Singapore paganiSer>
  4. <invader clique haS citable uncle><invader launcheS><faQuatic-courier><rancoured chique bell vulcaniSed uuaqe ir facit~>
1: Montpelierens, appropriates, palladyeum, riotshield, pipelines, launches,
2: Enaggelion, Singapore, rancored, hostile / holiest, Corrida, nominee, papist, squad,
3: vulcanise, coriander, Limonene, parsing, Cathars / Aschtar, shield,
4: charts, unveil, gaps,
5: longpairs / polarsign, Limonenes, paganiser, citable, gnosia / Saigon,
6: squared, Cathar, play, this,
7: held,
8: chique,
9: appears, sprang, shades, grasp, uncle,
10: gasoline, departs, caches, assured,
11: Uppsala,
12: pastured, forties / Sefirot, penile,
13: racist, pangs, duress,
14: online, chart,
15: Aapep,
16: Uppsalr, quill,
17: gains,
18: clique,
19: -
20: -
21: belt,
22: airports, libel,
23: legion.

 Montpelieren papist, squad, appropriates, palladium, shield, launches, holiest, Enaggelion, riot, Singapore, paganiser, squad, assured, uncles, gasoline, pipelines, vulcanise, gaps, Limonene, Cathars, unveil, this, chique, shield, appears, uncle, grasp, Uppsala, pastures, racists, chart, Aapep, belt, duress, online, clique, assured, gains, airports, depart.


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