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Nostradamus C6 Q63: Grieving widow turns to artificial insemination to resurrect her line
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Mar 2013

List of verses in Barren Lady life seriesBarren Lady's daughter & childrenThe lady left alone in the realm doesn't state she's a widow nor that  her children have died but it is implicit and that statement ties the text of this verse to one of the common themes in this series on the Barren Lady's family. Once again the absence of any reference to greatness implies this lady is the daughter.

This verse has a sequence of anagrams suggesting evolving urea gene
(longue vi - e au r - egne) and it therefore has strong ties to the theme of the Christ gene.

Unlike other verses in the Barren Lady series there are sufficient rare anagrams to form meaningful clusters.

Of these the most prominent is a strong medical theme in the third line which involves adjacent anagrams for unchlorinated virulence patients (r au lict d'honn_eur L'vnic e_eſtaint p) and these are overlain by an anagram for antiseptic (ic eſtaint p).

The reference to a urea-gene in the first line and this sequence in the third line my seem like random events having no real meaning to our times yet a simple online search for 'urease antiseptic' throws up a vast list of scientific research papers. The relevance of their contents to the anagrams in this are illustated by a short extract from the first in the list.

A similar bacterium inhibiting results can be obtained by searching online  for 'urea gene'.

Nostradamus Verse C6 Q63 Barren Lady alone urea gene evolves antisteptic virulence exploredCombination of urease inhibitor and antiseptic inhibits urea decomposition-induced ammonia production by Proteus mirabilis
Yuko Mugita et al
Free PMC article
The decomposition of urea into ammonia by urease-producing bacterium shows an elevation in the pH level, which can lead to incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD). This study aimed to examine the efficacy of a combination of antiseptic and urease inhibitor in inhibiting the decomposition of urea by the urease-producing bacterium Proteus mirabilis.

Via these additional themes it is possible to then give further detail to the visible text whereby the story becomes a great womanising leader dies and his widow spends seven years trying to resurrect him before turning to artificial insemination methods. However this is a done at at a time when medical supplies aren't available so a clean environment isn't assured. This story line is given strength by its repetition in the text and anagrams of other verses in this series.

The lady left alone in the realm
By the unique one extinguished first on the bed of honour
Seven years will she be weeping in grief,
Then with great good fortune for the realm long life
La dame ſeule au regne demeuree
L'vnic eſtaint premier au lict d'honneur
Septans ſera de douleur exploree
Puis longue vie au regne par grand heur
  1. <See adam reueL gender ualue> <rue Same deaL deem urea gene> <underage leuees
  2. <none curtailed prime viruLence taintS / Statin> <unchlorinated permit virulence Stain> <antiSeptic urea mire> <patientS virulence> <LaScivient rune>
  3. <re-explore SeparateneSs> <louuer dead> <redSea aptneSs louuered> <peSte plexure (act of weaving together) role><desperateneSs louuered> <Sanest dread>
  4.  <reuueaving Plouuings harden grape> <uuhisPer urea gene evoluing> landouunershiP

1: desperateness, lascivient, plouuings, curtailed, revieuuage, virulence, purloins, uuhisper,evoluing (evolving),
2: unchlorinated, separateness, reuueaving, unthroned, SaintPeter, imperant, explores, explorer, unheard, plexure, ditch,
3: antiseptic, unhorned, patients, unhoned, curtail, explore,
4: meterpair, Euripus,
5: pittances
6: -
7: -
9: hand, urea gene,
10: dearness, permit, hod,
11: perstans, harden,
12: emptier,
13: -
14: paint, uueal, ualue,
15: underage, aptness,
16: -
17: pertain, instate, Adam,
18: delarue, dealer / leader,
19: -
20: -
21: taints, degreen, louuer, neuron,
22: Redseas,
23: relose, leuees / sleeue,

 lascivient, desperateness, urea gene evolving, virulence, whispers, purloins, antiseptic, unchlorinated, patients, separateness, unthroned, Panurge, unheard, explores, imperant, plexure, curtail, pittances, urea gene, permit, emptier, value, harden, underage, aptness, taints, leader, lower, Redseas, neuron, levees.

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