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Nostradamus C6 Q63: Grieving widow turns to artificial insemination to resurrect her line.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has a sequence of anagrams suggesting evolving urea gene (longue vi - e au r - egne) and it therefore has strong ties to the theme of the Christ gene  discussed in my paper called New Man.

It has a strong medical theme which involves anagrams for virulence, patients, unclorinated and antiseptic. There are also suggestions in the anagrams of rumours about fidelity through the terms, whispers, lascivient and repeoples. There is also another strong theme centred around rural activity as implied by anagrams for land-ownership, plowings and ditch. It is possible to then interpret the visible text as saying that a great womanising leader dies and his widow spends seven years trying to resurrect him before turning to the methods of the farmer and artificial insemination.

Anagrams that can determine this verse's meaning include:

 Adam see value urea gene deem reveal gender
La dame ſeule au regne demeuree

lascivient empire print unchlorinated virulence
L'vnic eſtaint premier au lict d'honneur

reexplore dead desperateness Edda separateness lowered rule aptness
Septans ſera de douleur exploree

unheard long whisper evolving urea gene ape arrang[e]d
Puis longue vie au regne par grand heur
The lady left alone in the realm
By the unique one extinguished first on the bed of honour
Seven years will she be weeping in grief,
Then with great good fortune for the realm long life
La dame ſeule au regne demeuree
L'vnic eſtaint premier au lict d'honneur
Septans ſera de douleur exploree
Puis longue vie au regne par grand heur
  1. <See adam reueL gender ualue> <rue Same deaL deem urea gene> <underage leuees
  2. <none curtailed prime viruLence taintS / Statin> <unchlorinated permit virulence Stain> <antiSeptic urea mire> <patientS virulence> <LaScivient rune>
  3. <re-explore SeparateneSs> <louuer dead> <redSea aptneSs louuered> <peSte plexure (act of weaving together) role><desperateneSs louuered> <Sanest dread>
  4.  <reuueaving Plouuings harden grape> <uuhisPer urea gene evoluing> landouunershiP

1: desperateness, lascivient, plouuings, curtailed, revieuuage, virulence, purloins, uuhisper,evoluing (evolving),
2: unchlorinated, separateness, reuueaving, unthroned, SaintPeter, imperant, explores, explorer, unheard, plexure, ditch,
3: antiseptic, unhorned, patients, unhoned, curtail, explore,
4: meterpair, Euripus,
5: pittances
6: -
7: -
9: hand, urea gene,
10: dearness, permit, hod,
11: perstans, harden,
12: emptier,
13: -
14: paint, uueal, ualue,
15: underage, aptness,
16: -
17: pertain, instate, Adam,
18: delarue, dealer / leader,
19: -
20: -
21: taints, degreen, louuer, neuron,
22: Redseas,
23: relose, leuees / sleeue,

 lascivient, desperateness, urea gene evolving, virulence, whispers, purloins, antiseptic, unchlorinated, patients, separateness, unthroned, Panurge, unheard, explores, imperant, plexure, curtail, pittances, urea gene, permit, emptier, value, harden, underage, aptness, taints, leader, lower, Redseas, neuron, levees.

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