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Nostradamus C6 Q64: Disturbances in the 21st C will be far-reaching.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

I Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 64 No peace agreed upon is kept with all Nostradamian subscribers acting with deceit. In peace and truce land and sea in protest and by ingenuity Barcelona fleet seized. n this verse the woman who is the mother of the clone takes part in the scheme as an act of revenge against her adulterous husband. But his revenge sees the experimentors put to detah in a horrible fashion.

As the world becomes more unsettled by events outside man's control people increasingly turn to superstition, war, religious righteousness and a perverted use of any science that aids their cause. This is the story of this verse which relates to the tale of the floods that commence later in this century.

The anagrams that form the backbone to this tale include:

1. None pertained each haue rarest easterner runecaster
2. Patron poem rite important source to rescue rains
3. Expiated text refute reports tested meter err
4. Arab parties narcolepsies intrude in Persians oracle clone inspired localness
No peace agreed upon will be kept,
All the subscribers will act with deceit
In peace and truce, land and sea in protest,
By Barcelona fleet seized with ingenuity.
On ne tiendra pache aucune arreſte
Tous receuans iront par tromperie
De paix et trefue terre et mer proteſte
Par Barcelone claſſe prins d'induſtrie.
L1: <oNe interned apache arreSt><nOne trained eaSterner apache><nOne haue pertained a runecaSter>reStOre

L2: <irans patron importer routeS><poem source riTe><To secure / rescue empire>

L3: <~ i refute DeepeSt text report meter err~><expeDiate reportS meter refute><proteSter met ere i refute ape text><i proteSteD ape refute text meter err>

L4: <duSt localneSS inspired Brace rePair><(perSianS clone) / narcolepSieS clear><araB PrieSt reclone cl (150) perSianS undid><clear PrieSt undid preceSSional bar><oracle Bar diSPuter><ScaleS intrudeS inspired araB clone> SerapiS / perSiaS / praiSeS lapSeS
1: EXTIRPATED, LOCALNESS, INSPIRED, expediate/ expiated,   2: RUNECASTER, CONCEALER, PERTAINED, PROTESTOR, importer,  3: UNDID, PRECESSIONAL / NARCOLEPSIES,  4: protested, DISPUTER, EXPIATE,   5: TEXT, PROTEST, ATROPINS, FETTER,  6: Apache, refute,   7: intrudes, Caeneus,  8: -  9: EASTERNER, crab,  10: -11: DEEPEST,   12: emptier, INTONE, detest / TESTED, rescue / secure,
13: interned, EXIT   ,14: UNRARE, REPORTS,   15: PERSIANS, ORACLE, ENTONES, nearer,
16: -
17: restore,
18: diuerts, dust,
19: Persias / praises / Serapis,
20: cheap,
21: -
22: retained, report / porter.
23: -

localness, expediate, inspired, runecaster, pertained, protester, importer, concealer, narcolepsies, undid, disputer, text, refute, Apaache, intrude, atropins, fetter, easterner, deepest, reports, tested, Persians, emptier, oracle, secure, interned, exit, nearer, Persias , cheap, dust, restore.


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