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Nostradamus C6 Q66: Virgil provides the allusion for the resurrection from the dead.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


Nostradamus Prophecies verse C6 Q66 The Foundation of a new sect rests on bones uncovered by an earthquake.The text of this verse tells us  thefoundation of a new sect rests on bones uncovered by an earthquake.

This verse is different to most and either states the case directly or was added at a later date.


The fact that it is placed at verse 6.66 may well be indicative of a later person wanting to increase the significance of his insertion by the numerologic potency of its placement.


It possibly references Virgil's works to generate a scenario of attempts by people to reincarnate people from their burial places. Surrounding verses continue to affirm that this takes place in the future while the Aenid by Virgil is a reference point in C6 Q77.


The following lines are from Virgil's Eclogues:

And while the troubled moon shrunk in and set,
The earth trembled, and the starless heaven was jet,
With such as I am crumbling in my hand,
Could he the sand and shadowy past command
At will, and while my senses crept with dread,
From a deep sepulchre call up the dead.


The anagrams offer nothing of significance and fit the pattern of random generation that one expects in any uncoded writing:


1. Select caste found demented Eleleus lamented ouun uuell faucet
2. Norse rezoluteness guard stole random neuroses drugs on train
3  Atrocious men _cheer_pulse_Scariot_uurote Bear star appear
4. Feminal rival zetout unerrable enumerable meter
# Eleleus: an epiphet for Bacchus referenced in Virgils Aeneid III:190-220, Virgil was considered Romes greatest poet, The Eneid also references the Minotaur. SctFndtnGtRmnBonesUncvrd
At the foundation of the new sect,
The bones of the great Roman will be found,
A sepulcher covered by marble will appear,
Earth to quake in April poorly buried.
Au fondement de la nouuelle ſecte
Seront les oz du grand Romain trouues
Sepulchre en marbre apparoiſtra couuerte
Terre trembler en Auril mal enfouetz
L1: <end of nouuell lamented><found dement uuell alone>elSe faucet demon>Select

L2: <Raimond lozes Strenuous guard><Radon / adOrn drug minotaur resoluteneSs><main touuers lozes Radon drug><~Random lets norSe guard oz in touuers~><~minotauR stole radon neuroSes drugz~>

L3: <~raciSt uurote enSephulcre or bram appear~><true Sepulchre atriciouS men appear><peleuS (achilles father) cheer><apep riots><paper ratioS couture pulSe>airportS

L4: <unerrAble meter ><reterm zTreet enAbler enfoul><riuAl / virAl male><rebel meter riual-mAn felon> enumerAble
1: irremunerable, resoluteness, unfomented, atrocious, enumerable, unerrable,
2: -
3: ensepulchre, numerable, strenuous, demented, zetout, enabler, faucet, dozes,
4: Minotaur, lurch, seuuers,
5: -
6: moration, felon,
7: lamented, Arctos / Castor / actors,
8: found,
9: Croat / actor, mall,
10: Raimond, neuroses, outrun, reputes, lozes,
11: Eleleus, tezt,
12: -
13: racist,
14: unrare, 
15: Aapep,
16: -
17: Nouuell,
18: uuell,
19: rename, acute,
20: alone, uuoes,
21: rezt,
22: airports, random, rebel,
23: couture, here.

irremunerable, unerrable, resoluteness, ensepulchre, enumerable, demented, strenuous, faucet, setout, enabler, atrocious, Minotaur, dozes, sewers, lurch, moration (dallying), felon, lamented, found, mall, Raimond, outrun, lozes, reputes, neuroses, test, Eleleus, racist, well, Aapep, rename, Nowell, woes, airports, rest, random, rebel, here, alone.



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