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Nostradamus C6 Q67: A high-up Church official and the woman who betrays his trust.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse and the next tell of the involvement of a person high up in the Roman Catholic Church who becomes involved with a woman who secretly wants to ensure the Church does not act against the interests of her sect. This official is not physically well and is vulnerable to the attention of someone who appears caring and capable of easing his ailments. This verse should be read in conjunction with C6 Q68 to see that this story is repeated with different details.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

neutral town argue Pimander named piper repair Vultan ruined ordinate
Au grand Empire paruiendra tout vn aultre

bone diet stipulant pulsed life instead antidotes defiles obedient object
Bonte diſtant plus de felicite

preregulate pair Vanir Sonnius J[e]sus unisons undoing Lion prelature
Regi par vn iſſu non loing du peaultre

courtier gangrenes endangers fine erotic life corrective genes reurge define
Corruer regnes grande infelicite
# Sonnius: 16thC religious figure, adviser to Pope during counter-reformation
Pimander: refers to a person who has knowedge of God - the man-shepherd.
Quite another one will attain to the great Empire,
Kindness distant more so happiness
Ruled by one sprung not far from the brothel,
Realms to decay great bad luck.
Au grand Empire paruiendra tout vn aultre
Bonte diſtant plus de felicite
Regi par vn iſſu non loing du peaultre
Corruer regnes grande infelicite
L1: <Argue rape rEprimand ruined vultan><prime dangEr uuAlter vaunt><~Argue dampEn to unvault ruined art repair~><uuAlter vuant ordinate><~pimandEr Argue art unrepaired to out vultan~>Epiderm namEd rotunda unrotated unpaired

L2: <~Stipulant defiles oBiect tend / noted~><noted pulsed obiect taintS life><antidoteS / Stationed Be fused elicit><oBedient elicit plant fused><elicit fused Bone inStated><inStead note Bit><icefield upslant editS>Benoit

L3: <Reregulate v (5) pair doing up l (50) uniSonS><pair Regulate Sun iS noodling up><Regret vnpair oil uniSonS>pRelature

L4: <fiend rue elicit gangrenes core><cite genes err life in danger><Courtier genes err life in danger><gene readings><define> endangers
1: preregulate, stipulant, antidotes, stationed, unisons, Sonnius,
2: regulatur, gangrenes, obedient,
3: icefield, courtier, upslant, gangers, obiect,
4: distant,
5: unrotated, defile(s), Dianne, tsadi, nouns, pig,
6: instated,
7: Vultan, reneger, feuds,
8: reprimand, UUalter, impend, renegers, elicit (2x), define,
9: endangers, Vanir,
10: noodling, dampen, sinus,
11: unrepaired, Pimander, prelature, rotunda, piper,
12: uvant, vaunt, regret, gripe,
13: Benoit,
14: ordinate, plant, fiend, noun,
15: -
16: unpaired / unrepaid, epiderm / primed,
17: feeds,
18: instead, fleed,
19: -
20: -
21: taints, elfin,
22: erotic.
23: -

stipulant, preregulate, gangrenes, antidotes, stationed, Sonnius, regulatur,obedient, unisons, icefield, courtier, upslant, distant, unrotated, object, pig, defiles, Dianne, reneger, feuds, instated, Vultan, Walter, define, Vanir, noodling, plant, endangers, prelature, dampen, unrepaired, sinus, pipe, fiend, regeret, feeds, erotic, ordinate, instead, Pimander, fleed.


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