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Nostradamus C6 Q68: An Italian Lady whose poisonous liaison inspires war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse gives the details of a narcotic interaction in Italy between a woman and a Jesuit priest. Their actions lead to the woman being poisoned and taking her own life in a fashion that unites the instigators of her liaison in their actions against the Churches hierarchy. This verse should be read in conjunction with C6 Q67 to see that this story is repeated with different details.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Futures residue  Iesuit roles use deities 
2. Cheerful lecturer effronted firecult electron undertone continued
3. Opiates my lady Marian main disobeyal atropism unifiers men use badly
4. Lovers role vexes remote recipient; USA imperception used meteor panic
# atropism: a form of poison involving atropine belladonna. The name belladonna comes from Italian for 'Beautiful lady' because it was riskily used to enhance the sensuality of the eyes of women.
When the soldiers in a seditious fury
Steel to flash by night against their countrymen
The enemy Alba acts with furious hand,
Then to vex Rome and seduce the principal ones.
Lors que ſoldatz fureur ſeditieuſe
Contre leur chef feront de nuict fer luire
Ennemy d'Albe ſoit par main furieuſe
Lors vexer Rome et principaux ſeduire.
L1: <ieSuit reuSed Lores / roLes old featurz><loadS direSt futuez><featurz ur old deitieS uSe>

L2: <tierCeron fronted cheerful rule><onCe he effronted lecturer><Curie firecult tenor rule><futiler eleCtron continued><he onCe offer lecturer><firecult undertone> uncited

L3: <main trap / part men diSobeyAl furie enSue><unfair atropiSm i uSe my blAde><Si i be parma lAdy unSeEn unifier><i impart So my blAde uSe unfair><lobeS endymA EnSue><opiateS bAdly in arm furi uSe> uuiser marian

L4: <i encript auSpex/pauxeS><auSpex driue Lovers recipient><imperception uva uSed ire exlovers><percipient uxa driueS ex-lovers> <meteoR roLe vexes>
1: imperception, disobeyal, recipient, futurez, badly,
2: percipient, continued / unnoticed, undertone, deities, impart, endyma, versex, furze,
3: effronted, opiates, unifier, Iesuit, lady,
4: atropism, firecult, effront, unfair, lovers, usurer, vexes,
5: cheerful,
6: lecturer, sobeit,
7: tierceron, blades,
8: fronted, auspex / pauxes,
9: lobes, unseen,
10: panic,
11: direst, loads,
12: emptier, Marian, offer,
13: encript, deliuer, Maria,
14: load,
15: united, furie, sold,
16: deriues / residue (2x), deriue,
17: meteor / remote, Parma, Curie,
18: diuerts, losers, blade,
19: day,
20: -
21: -
22: uuiser.
23: -

imperception, disobeyal, futures, recipient, badly, continued, percipient, undertone, effronted, deities, impart, endyma, versex, opiates, Iesuit, lady, atropism, unifier, unfair, lovers, usurer, vexes, firecult, cheerful, lecturer, sobeit, pauses, lobes, tierceron, unseen, Marian, direst, panic, sold, emptier, load, residue, united, remote, Parm, wiser, day, losers, encrypt.

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