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Nostradamus C6 Q69: Sefirot transposes calendars when generosity gives way to arsenals.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Actions intended to be for the greater good often have the contrary effect and this is the theme of this verse. The anagrams inform the generality of the text directing the readers attention to bungled arms deals and the fate of those who in buying gun shave to go into debt.

Anagrams that can help in giving this verse meaning include:

April re-designate renegades arsenal oil trading ingot
La pitie grande ſera ſans loing tarder

reduce Quixodon noontides constraint transpired predecreed
Ceux qui donoient ſeront contrains de predre

so if Sefirot foists by band under fads fame seed maze for its boys
Nudz affamez de froit ſoif ſoy bander

solemnest omens past scores moment-act grant calendars dangers transposes temporalness scale  learned
Les monts paſſer commettant grand eſclandre.
The great pity will occur before long,
Those who gave will be obliged to take:
Naked, starving, withstanding cold and thirst,
To pass over the mountains committing a great scandal.
La pitie grande ſera ſans loing tarder
Ceux qui donoient ſeront contrains de predre
Nudz affamez de froit ſoif ſoy bander
Les monts paſſer commettant grand eſclandre.
  1. <redeSignate apriL aSSan oil granted><dearneSS losing trader><redSea granite><denigrator tie arSenals dangerS>
  2. <nonretractionS / constraint predeCreed><quixodon entrieS reduCe spend><transpired quixodon reduCe intereSt on>
  3. <for it defameZ><So if by Sefirot and zed rune><So if it for andre zudaN boyS> <ff maze>
  4. <soLemn past rend calendarS comet-StreamS><grant temporaLness land aScend><clan eLders TranSposes grandeSt moment-act>
1: Quixodon, predecreed, Zudan,
2: denigrator, redesignate, transpired, noontides, boys, moment-act
3: temporalness, transposes, sparsest, nasals,
4: non-retractions, psalmtones, retentions, renegades, trading, arsenals, boy, 
5: constraint, solemnest, decree,
6: -
7: calendars, regained,
8: denigrate, foist, maze,
9: consentor, Salons,
10: dearness, ingot, reduce,
11: rating, lenders / slender, 
12: forties / Sefirot, intone, tiger,
13: -
14: calends, drains, triage, clans,
15: scaled, retard / trader, bay,
16: ascend / decans / dances, fame,
17: -
18: spender, spend, creed,
19: reducex,
20: -
21: lender,
22: granite, croton, Redseas, giant, passes, quid,
23: cleans / lances, caress / scares.

Quixodon, re-designate, predecreed, temporalness, calendars, noontides, constraint, boys,  transpired, nonretractions, renegades, trading, arsenal, retentions, Salons, forties, maze, reduce, ingot, dearness, rating, trader, creed, ascend, lender, reduces, Redseas, spend, Zudan, denigrator, moment-act, transposes, sparsest, nasals, solemnest, decree, regained, consentor, ingot, reduce, entone, tiger, scaled, bay, decans, fame, giant, passes, caress.


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