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Nostradamus C6 Q71: Maternal parent of the Jesus clone forms barbaric links in the year Jules Scaliger dies.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus C6 Q71 Roalyn Cerement Scaliger Latperson Verrone QuerentThe Rosalyn line for the Jesus clone is the subject of this verse. Its narrative is also about the 16th century sect in southern France trying to gather allegiance for its cause. During this process Nostradamus' patrons form some ill pacts. There are also several astronomic features named that become the mechanism for dating the verse.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Terraquean querent dragonry ringleader parody Dynapro parent
2. Tuuo aldermen outlauued mutilated amulet under Quint
3. Cliquey lionism nimious evil alderman  lecture alarmed Limousin
4. Layperson exorcis(e) synodal dealings Rosalyn lay alongside Scaliger
When they will come to give the last rites to the father
Before he has entirely given up the ghost
He who will come to grieve over him the least,
Through Lyons, Eagles, cross crown sold.
Quand on viendra le grand roy parenter
Auant qui lait du tout l'ame rendue
Celuy qui moins le viendra l'amenter
Par lyons d'aigles croix couronne vendue.
L1: <quran enter parody><pray rod><and no large invader><driven on><radon pray>< don>ringleader dory legendari dragonry ireland ponderary querent dnyapro quatern terraquean quartene(synthetic rubber) learned querant enlarged realigned larger ordnary

L2: <metal quanta endure><quaint > tuuo aldermen outlauued mutilated amulet under quintal quail renamed aliquant  tuuo tidal aldermen uuaned

L3: <uniquely mentions evil alarmed><mediterranean clue><male centre invader> meant cluey cerement lament mental limousine ireland nimious olivines yule levison name alderamin lionism simon mantle tamerlane lines

L4: <underplay ix score norn eve loadings><dupe royal dealings><only aids><ix score><even norn due> even declassing alongside adonis scaliger epulary parley layperson rosalyn synodal uplander agile veronne algedi none croix agiel lyra xci glaciers neuron no l
1: declassing, underplay, limousine, terraquean, Alderamin, aliquant, SCALIGER, nimious, parody,
2: ringleader, layperson, Dynapro, Rosalyn, cerement,
3: loadings, uplander, maternal, quartene, levison, synod,
4: ponderary, olivines, lionism,
5: alongside, dealings, querent, Adonis, nonour, tidal,
6: synodal, quantil /quintal, aldermen, Veronne, parley,
7: epulary, quatren / querant / quatern, amulet,
8: realigned, Tamerlane, Algedi,
9: alarmed, croix,
10: recoils, closer,
11: repay, aryl / Lyra,
12: nonvaried, lament, mantle, mental, cxi, xci,
13: lecture,
14: uuaned, lvnes,
15: -
16: -
17: dragonry,
18: -
19: renamed, rename,
20: lardan, cluey,
21: quilt, neuron, center, centre, recent, tuuo,
22: -
23: Simon, uuade, nosy.

 declassing, underplay, Limousine, terraquean, Alderamin, aliquant, Scaliger, nimious, parody, ringleader, layperson, Dynapro, Rosalyn, cerement,  loadings, uplander, maternal, quartene, synod, Ponderary, olivines, lionism, alongside, dealings, querent, Adonis, nonour, tidal, synodal, quintal, aldermen, Veronne, parley, epulary, querant, amulet, realigned, Tamerlane, Algedi, alarmed, croix, recoils, closer, repay, Lyra, nonvaried, lament, cxi, lecture, waned, dragonry, renamed, cluey, quilt, neuron, center, two, Simon, wade, nosy.

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