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Nostradamus C6 Q72: Emotions that drive future visions of religious repression.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse mentions divine emotion and this clearly marks it as commentary by Nostradamus on his method of achieving the right dream like state and then being able to recollect it once awake and set it down. My claim is that emotions are an essential part of memory recall when the subject matter has temporarily been forgotten and divine emotions imply this is his contact with the agent that provided his foresight into significant mutations of future times.

Note 23rd May 2015: I must have been aware of the following line in Nostradamus 1555 Preface for a long time but it was only today that I saw how clearly he wrote that which has become part of my understanding of how future seeing must work:
This means that the prophecies are illuminated in layers starting with the emotions at the front of his [the prophet's] fantasies. Preface to Cesar 1555 (PCE10)

This verse's text  talks of a wife being violated while the first line mentions feigned fury so it is no surprise to find anagrams for frantic ( r fainct) and rapine ( ine Par) in that same line. But the second line holds a greater affirmation of Nostradamus' intent since it holds clear anagrams for violet ( for - t viole) and 'flame release (lee Sera - la fem).

Now the violet flame was a term suited to Nostradamus' time and it held special meaning to alchemists. It is related to self-transformation with the flame being the essence of a unique spiritual light. Mystics of all ages have glimpsed a "spiritual spectrum" behind the physical spectrum with the violet flame being associated with the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation.

Yet the tone of the text seems more vengeful than enlightened to our modern sense and it  is apparent that this disturbs Nostradamus. His verse is a condemnation of those who proclaim that enlightment underpins their cruel actions against those outside their realm of righteousness. His need when triggering the visions of this verse was then designed to build affinity with the mutations of future times and by the focus on the condemnation of a rape victim he draws forth a much more dire dream.

The anagrams that form the backbone to this tale include:

unfairer rapine frantic fur[y] confederatism demotes sodomite emotions
Par fureur faincte d'eſmotion diuine

violet flame release Rafael meme guard for DNA
Sera la femme du grand fort violee

injector vogues ovules damns named lands retell code entry injure
Juges voulans damner telle doctrine

vice evict time Pau pe[o]ple eloping regional germination motile
Victime au peuple ignorant imolee
Through feigned fury of divine emotion
The wife of the great one will be violated
The judges wishing to condemn such a doctrine,
She is sacrificed a victim to the ignorant people.
Par fureur faincte d'eſmotion diuine
Sera la femme du grand fort violee
Juges voulans damner telle doctrine
Victime au peuple ignorant imolee
L1: <~urfa (Edessa) diu (504) unfair emotions i Pen~><diuine emotions interfaced><into diuine confederatiSm><uuarfarerf enticed divine emotions><a frantic furure Seed diuine motion><raPine motion uuar-fire deScent >Sodomite modeSt demotionS

L2: <~See rummaged violet frond aflare~><frond eraSe violet flame guard><~Seer nam-ed drug for a violet flame~><Seer alaf emm for ungraded violet><elSe emm argued rafael /aflare><alfareS /rafaelS violet frond rummaged>

L3: <~tri June vogues retell lands code name~><vogues retell code luna damns><inJector led vogues><vogues name inJure lands><inJector damns luna vogues>< a lands lmn-code-letters vogues inJure><retell recondite (little known)> nostredamen-values

L4: <~eloping time a mentorial vice><motile Vice item>girona regional germination
1: confederatism, germination, sodomite, rummaged,
2: demotions, injector, injure,
3: interfaced, recondite, eloping, frantic, ovules,
4: unfair, vogues,demotes, regional,
5: antinegro, motions, unfairer, Milton, modest,
6: mentorial, emotions, Alfares /Rafaels, violet, aflame,
7: motile, jug,
8: descent,
9: Eloim,
10: furure,
11: motion, decent, frond,
12: enticed, Girona,
13: evict, alfa,
14: omits / moist, retell / teller, release,
15: remands, Eloise, damns, vice,
16: modes, fame,
17: argued, Olive, most,
18: flame,
19: aflare / Rafael,
20: amends,
21: omit (2x), June,
22: -
23: -

interfaced, confederatism, rummaged, unfairer, sodomite, demotions, injector, injure, recondite, emotions, unfair, vogues, antinegro, ovules, germination, motions, remands, frantic, eloping, regional, Girona, modest, mentorial, Eloim, motile, descent, motion, decent, frond, enticed, Eloise, damns, vice, most, argued, violet, flame, release, a flare.

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