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Nostradamus C6 Q73: Oil deal between East and West based on Knights Hospitallier' practices.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There is a distinctive pattern in the anagrams that readily ties in to Nostradamus' text and it takes us back to ancient trading practices. Such a reference to the past is only relevant if it fits to the future themes that are at the heart of Nostradamus' Prophecies.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

ancient treatise creating genetic danger unmoneyed entreat Niceans insane Saint
En cite grand vn moyne et artiſan

depress polar petrol preallot egos East USA allies swarm
Pres de la porte loges et aux murailles

citadens sanctioned term reencodes educations constant ideas creates
Contre modene ſecret caue diſant

Earths pious ship four afire so auriferous closure deposes Hospitalliers allies
Trahis pour faire souz coleur d'eſpoſailles.
In a great city a monk and artisan,
Lodged near the gate and walls,
Secret speaking emptily against Modena,
Betrayed for acting under the guise of nuptials.
En cite grand vn moyne et artiſan
Pres de la porte loges et aux murailles
Contre modene ſecret caue diſant
Trahis pour faire souz coleur d'eſpoſailles.
  1. <anciEnt treatiSe / treatieS danger><treat inSanE money creating><rE-enacting movnd entreaty>
  2. <Presell uuar-mix petrol deal goes east><allies Presealed petrol goes>
  3. <aCtionS educate endorSement><**re-encodeS acute SanCtioned term**><more ConStant needS> diStanCe eduCationS ConStraint
  4. <allieS poSed his sTar / Tsar rule><our fair ship alTers Sail><urfa [Edessa] hospiTalliers [knights] colourizes><urfa aphorisT sell><So earThs ill repulSed><hospitalliers auriferous code-rules>
1: Hospitalliers, colourizes, sanctioned, reenacting, aphorists, reencodes, entreaty,
2: educations, prealloted, constant, preallot, uuarmix, educate, Saiph,
3: endorsement, adverting, aphorist, Niceans, auriferous,
4: leopards, ancient, genetic, treaties / treatise, yeomen, Ophis,
5: constraint, contains / sanction, ancients, presell, Aesops, friar,
6: Iadeus, Risha,
7: argentic / creating / reacting, Dantsic, actions, cannot, elapsed / pleased, Ishtar, canine / Nicean, ship,
8: spiller, demoens, goes,
9: demoter, artist / strait / traits, fairer, trait,
10: patrol, portal, entreat, earths / hearts, money,
11: tells,
12: repulsed / preludes, parole, secrete, tiger, 
13: citadens / distance, pious,
14: petrol, triage, allies (2x), paled,
15: posed,
16: -,
17: redacting,
18: instead, insane,
19: acute,
20: -
21: pressed, aides / ideas, Shia,
22: granite,
23: Sefira,

Hospitalliers, colourizes, sanctioned, aphorists, reencodes, constant, education, preallots, Niceans, ancient, genetic, treaties, creating, auriferous, actions, pleased, ship, fairer, auriferous. money, goes, allies, citadens, pious, triage, posed, Shia, petrol, ideas, insane.



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