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Nostradamus C6 Q77: A Romanian war affected by military prejudice.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is a commentary on a war in which the outcome is determined by prejudice against a woman called Victoria whose manner of speech the military leaders find repulsive.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Victoria rival deduce dwarf repellant fraud
Par la victoire du deceu fraudulente

exclude seven vassels venereal lout remained  as regimental class induces  germinated lasses emigrate
Deux claſſes vne la reuolte Germaine

fleech (coax) truer fume retry yet son d[e]fil[e]s islands latent talent
Le chef meurtry et son filz dans la tente

Moiras (Fates) fine role prove policemen chases randomness in Romanians ceremony
Florence Imole pourchaſſes dans Romaine.
Through the fraudulent victory of the deceived,
Two fleets one, German revolt:
The chief murdered and his son in the tent,
Florence and Imola pursued into Romania.
Par la victoire du deceu fraudulente
Deux claſſes vne la reuolte Germaine
Le chef meurtry et son filz dans la tente
Florence Imole pourchaſſes dans Romaine.
L1: <deduce victoria rePellant duuarf> <i reduced Parent voltaic drauul><Palaver undulate> FRAUD VIRAL PATERNAL

L2: <reGimental vernal claSSes exuDe> <~seven real excuSalS Greet maiDen louer~><exclude in teleGram><vaSSels learn><~excluDe venal aSSes louer Germinate~> EMIGRATE

L3: <islandZ retry fume Leech latent fonts><yet truer son><try soften islandz latent fleche [slender spire]>troyes TALENT SEALANT

L4: <~Romans sad role chaSeS our Fine policemen~><Romanians><Famine chaSeS saRdon role><oR cahour SadneSs inFlame> CAHOURS ARCH INFAME FINALE AUROCH
1: regimental, policemen, Romanians, islandz, telegram, reduced,
2: repellant, emigrate, vassels, drauul, femur,
3: germinate, voltaic, excusals, ceremoni, palaver, fonts, sevens, calx,
4: Victoria, reductio, excusal, sadness, soften, deduce, sashes,
5: uuetland / undulate, parental / paternal, Cahours, feminal / inflame, duuarf, icemen, Clux,
6: Aeneid, felon,
7: classes, rival / viral, leuud,
8: ruach, crash, retry,
9: uuafer, Eloim,
10: talents, 
11: anemoi, vernal, merge, fume,
12: Florence, remained, stoney, imager,
13: -
14: exclude, Troyes, lvnes,
15: famine / infame, lasses,
16: Moiras, finale, venal, seven,
17: sealant,
18: aslant, latent / talent, fraud,
19: norms,
20: maiden,
21: chasers, crashes, elfin, tyre,
22: recoup, erotic,
23: floe, dud,

 Victoria, dwarf, vassels, emigrate, Romanian, islands, regimental, policemen, reduced, repellant, telegram, ceremony, germinate, voltaic, calx, inflame, palaver, drawl, sadness, retry, Cahours, excusal, soften, feminal, felon, rival, , Florence, wetland, remained, stoney, exclude, fume, Moiras, finale, seven, maidens, talent, sealant, venal, fraud,.

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