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Nostradamus C6 Q80: Arab plunderage linked to radioactive metals involved in religious war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are many anagrams that serve as important keys in this verse. They are important because as a group they link to stories in several nearby verses. The idea of a Panurge or knave exists in several as does radiance (also tied into the name Curies and a radiant metal). There are others that tie into the story of the text such as Arabesque and plunderage. And the anagrams have several other well linked anagrams such as arteries that reticulate. From this it becomes apparent its theme is about radiation illnesses, knavery, religious war and invasion. The term cruel metal also occurs and this cluster is found in another nearby verse while the duplicity of a merchanteer is also found in several of the last thirty verses of this part of Nostradamus' Prophecies.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Panurge plunderage ruined radiance used powders feed lesser gene
De Fez le regne paruiendra a ceux d'Europe

cruel fuel Curie metal reticulate merchanteer welfare elicit
Feu leur cite et lame trenchera

Edda's ideas arteries remeet pro-league tour arranged
Le grand d'Aſ ie terre et mer a grand troupe

arabesques blue corpses toxicoderma Democrat axiom,searches
Que bleux pers croix a mort de chaſſera
From Fez the realm will reach those of Europe,
Their city ablaze and the blade will cut
The great one of Asia by land and sea with great troops
So that blues and Pers[ians] the cross will pursue
De Fez le regne paruiendra a ceux d'Europe
Feu leur cite et lame trenchera
Le grand d'Aſ ie terre et mer a grand troupe
Que bleux pers croix a mort de chaſſera
L1: <~reFeelz radiance our Deep panurge exude~><palegreen Feeds ruined><unrepaired genre Fleez><unpaired gene>

L2: <~Let merchanteer cite uuelFare~><hear metal centre cite curie Fuel><hence term reticulate><cruel metal tie enter reach><hence rule elicit a term Fuel fear><male retrench>

L3: <meter tree enLarged ideAS><~pLunderage arranged meter tree ideAS rot~><arranged ArterieS meet> <gArLanded Site><rotund(a) margaret err Add Site enLarge><SteAdier meter arranged danger> <retrieS / retireS Add meter enLarge>

L4: <axiom torched arabeSQueS plexures (interweavings)><democrat haS Square><toxicoderma (skin allergy) haS Square><eQuable Searches / craSheS> <QuaereS chaSed blue><SquareS charted moirax score>ShearS / ShareS
1: toxicoderma, arabesques, Democrat, torched, Margaret, refeelz, axiom,
2: merchanteer, plunderage, proleague, uuelfare, plexure, bluex, arcade, fleez,
3: reticulate, charted, equable, adds, feez,
4: expulser / plexures, radiance, retrench, utricle, detach,
5: palegreen, eucrite, scathed,
6: -
7: Panurge,
8: chafer,
9: searches, steadier, croix,
10: grandad, squares, barque, retire,
11: unrepaired, rotunda, arteries, trench, retries / retires,
12: arrange,
13: caudex, quaere,
14: shares,
15: -
16: garlanded, unrepaid / unpaired, 
17: rotund, Curie, add,
18: chased, quaeres,
19: recite, reiect,
20: arranged, cauxe,
21: chasers / crashes, centre / center / recent, aides / ideas,
22: tudor, Europe.
23: -

arabesques, toxicoderma, torched, Margaret, Democrat, axiom, pro-league, merchanteer, welfare, plunderage, cruel metal, radiance, reticulate, detach, palegreen, eucrite, Panurge, scathed, searches, steadier, metres, squares, retires, unrepaired, arteries, arrange, caudex, shares, Curie, unpaired, ideas, arranged, cause, Tudor, Europe, add.

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