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Nostradamus C6 Q83: The ritual for investigating mutations in human learning.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

My interest in this verse came from the first line where there are anagrams for retraces ( r et careſ) and encounter ( onneur et c) but amongst the anagrams in the verse there was also blue  Aquilege glade ( de la G- ule B - elgique A) and this is a blue flower found in meadows and woodlands. In the previous verse (C6 Q72) of this series I had already found references to a violet flame and seen its alchemical significance so I felt comfortable with the strange reference. But I had begun my analysis for this analysis without regard to the text and when I focussed on the visible verse I gave a mild gasp of pleasured surprise for the last line contains reference to the flower.

And there are other anagrams that fit into the pattern of emotional stress being used to create resonances with past events and these include resonant ( A ſon entr) and neuron together with a full line of adjacent anagrams that say papers prefers maps attend understated duress events  ( es Vn te -mps a -pres fer -a -tant de - rudeſſ).

So this verse establishes its right to be considered a part of Nostradamus' explanation of his rituals and we might therefore anticipate that there will be a link to a God that refrences his theme and in this regard the anagram  'A ſon en' becomes relevant.

[Oannes] is described as dwelling in the Persian Gulf, and rising out of the waters in the daytime and furnishing mankind instruction in writing, the arts and the various sciences.

The validity of this name is backed by anagrams such as ancestor ( t ſera con) quill ( lliqu) and learnt ( ntre a l). So as with the previous verse our attention is directed to the negative emotions of fear and hate but in this case the subject matter is human learning and literature. And the choice of blue and violet sets a spectral pattern where the violet flame of Spiritual transformation stands above the blue representing acquired knowledge.

Anagrams able to give this verse meaning include:

key clue awar[e] att[e]nd neuron retraces unenthroned creatures
Celuy qu'aura tant d'honneur et careſſes

resonant entered Oannes glade a gala blue aquilege reentones
A ſon entree de la Gaule Belgique

papers prefers maps attend understated duress events
Vn temps apres fera tant de rudeſſes

ancestor learnt unflatterable quill libel queerest era creatures encounter
Et ſera contre a la fleur tant bellique
He who will have so much honor and flattery
At his entry into Belgian Gaul
A while after he will act very rudely,
And he will act very warlike against the flower.
Celuy qu'aura tant d'honneur et careſſes
A ſon entree de la Gaule Belgique
Vn temps apres fera tant de rudeſſes
Et ſera contre a la fleur tant bellique
L1: <yule encounter Scares> <uuar clue unthroned atan Scares><createS neuron><creature Clue none Sees><quay Clues SeeS neuron trace><at yule CareSSEs tan truncheoned uuar>recaStS

L2: <AS one entered Blue Aquilege Glade><~one enter AquilegeS BlaGue (pretentious) deal~><oAnneS (mythical being who taught mankind wisdom) tree glade>reSonAnt AquoSe (anc: watery)

L3: <~maps prefer eVents dureSS attend~><papers fears underStated><frees retardant uSed> untraded

L4: <ancestor era unflatterable quill><traceS era nature belt not fall><ill rule batten (cause to thrive at expense of others) queerest aflare><quEereSt libel><a real refutal not Scare><learnt coarSe unflatterable>
1: unflatterable, truncheoned, unenthroned, understated, retardant,
2: unthroned, untraded,
3: unhorned, unhoned, queerest, aquose, prefers,
4: aquilege, creatures, caresses,
5: creature, refutal, blague,
6: quay, reeled,
7: retraces,
8: encounter, pampers, Castres / recasts, create,
9: crater / tracer,
10: bent, Hod,
11: events, vents, fall,
12: -
13: resonant, duress, alfa,
14: -
15: faster,
16: creates (2x), quill, creases, algae,
17: turned,
18: -
19: aflare / Rafael,
20: ancestor, cluey,
21: neuron, Oannes, belt,
22: libel,
23: caress / scares.

ancestor, unflatterable, quill, truncheoned, unenthroned, prefers, queerest, creatures, caresses, Oannes, aquose, aquilege, belt, refutal, retraces, quay, encounter, recasts, understated, events, resonant, duress, neuron, aflare, alfa, retardant, libel, batten, unthroned.


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