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Nostradamus C6 Q87: Forests and lakes become the base for Jesus clone as elites seek his demise.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 41In this quatrein the Jesus clone is tutured by a follower of the Proclus/Plato inspired idea of the 'One' from which all being is born. Opposition to this direction for the child is overcome by him and his tutors fleeing into the forests and marshlands.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

lakefront faction election date defiant fans rank fortell
L'election faite dans Frankfort

Williaem illume Salon popes era proposes propanes runa warn lunar ill
N'aura nul lieu Milan s'oppoſera

penis scrophule echo chore miserable assembler disarrange Algiers forestland granaries
Le ſien plus proche ſemblera ſi grand fort

square route Henry names Czechs arches chasers reawoke
Que outre le Rhyn es mareſchz chaſſera
The election made in Frankfort
Will be voided, Milan will be opposed
The follower closer will seem so very strong
That he will drive him out into the marshes beyond
L'election faite dans Frankfort
N'aura nul lieu Milan s'oppoſera
Le ſien plus proche ſemblera ſi grand fort
Que outre le Rhyn es mareſchz chaſſera
L1: <foretell defiant><an franks> fantasied lakefront date instead fiona faction destinationface fans

L2: <suleiman propose uuarn ill><runa illume><uuarn man ill era> null loans uuilliem nauarre proposes aluminise alumni opposers reason popes operas salon lunar

L3: <real scheme is for grand propulse ><he reassembl proclus><miserable chores><of sterile><penis plus assembler> scheme fond scrophules disarrange purpliness rechose resemble sangfroid israel algiers marble arraigns listener forestland granaries gabri reas

L4: <square has czechs route names><henry's marches><henry arms czechs> henrys quaeres auuoqe shears shares ashes rule equator
1: destinationface, endorselift, purpliness, lakefront, aluminise, opposers, proposes, suleiman, propose, Czechs, franks, scheme,
2: equatorrule, sangfroid, fantasied, uuilliem, gabriels, foretell, frank, uuarn, null, rank,
3: scrophules, oppose, auuoqe,
4: forestland, scrophule, Algiers, illume, frod,
5: rechose, Henrys, lunar,
6: assembler, reassembl, proclus, arraigns, resemble,
7: miserable, granaries, election, farding, henry,
8: disarrange, defiant, corpus, popes,
9: flection, prechose, marches, nauarre,
10: propanes, strofel, squares, fiona,
11: alumni, frond,
12: unpile, creams, scream, arena,
13: faction, reblame, quaere,
14: milieu, shares, retell, teller,
15: listener, fortel, fortel,
16: chores, chose,
17: detain,
18: instead, milans, quaeres,
19: -
20: -
21: chasers, crashes, marble,
22: agrise, faint,
23: -

Key Ideas:

forestland, lakefront, Williem, assembler, miserable, scrophules, flection, Proclus, prechose, granaries, Algiers, illume, propanes, semble, defiant, Frank, , faction, Henrys, marches, warn, alumni, corpus, reblame, listener, rank, Popes, milieu, elites, chose, marble, squares.


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