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Nostradamus C6 Q88: Mayoress who squanders the opportunity to be prepared for Disaster.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 88 In a modern era when rising sea levels threaten on many fronts people flee to the mountains where earth tremors become the newest threat.This verse is one of two that holds anagrams for 'squanders' and both relate to Disaster events. Verse C1 Q17 relates to climate change while this specifies detail about place and time. The anagrams of the current quatrain have the theme of climate change carried through its reference to seafronts rising and some who see it gaining treasonous pleasure from what it means for them. But this verse also is specific in its detail about this personage even giving their medical history as a means of identification.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Rumoured gangrened nerve danger never madden armoured  ordeals
2. Seafronts rose pleasured beholders forsee treasons presumable not beheld  
3. Pyrmonts molten pyres seen 
Nord slender omen colons solemn syntrope
4. Monastery squanders mans years Mayoress attorneys roles resets  meters bells
A great realm will be left desolated,
Near the Ebro an assembly will be formed:
The Pyrenees mountains will console him,
When in May lands will be trembling.

Vn regne grand demourra deſole
Au pres del Hebro ſe feront aſſemblees
Monts Pyrenees le rendront conſole
Lors que dans May ſeront terres trembles
  1. <our ordealS neVer demand / damned><armoured solVe deranged><rumored gangrened>
  2. <beHolders pleAsure foreSent><beHeld SeafrontS roSe><presumAble forSee treaSonS beHeld><He forSee treaSonS pleAsured><persuAde Semble(imitate)> repulsed
  3. <soleMn syntroPe [similar bits]><serene sPlenotomY><colonS oMen not serenely render><Molten Pyres seen> PyrMonts MeSocolon MoonletS
  4. <MayoreSs squander meters rotten beLls><Mans attorneyS><squanders MonaStery><metres beLls aMends yearS torrent><Amends eaSy torrent roqus meters beLls>
1: splenotomy, mesocolon, beholders, attorneys, beheld,
2: poemsentry, presumable, monastery, oysterman, squanders, gangrened, moonlets, squander, moonlet, serenely, colons,
3: trembles,
4: rumored, bells, herb,
5: armoured, resonates, useable, ardour,
6: seafronts, mayoress, squared, maenads, loves, solve,
7: yames, held,
8: pyrmonts, gangrene, terrestre,
9: poynters, syntrope, demand, damned, loosen,
10: solon, robes,
11: seafront, foresent, lenders, slender, mays, easy,
12: repulsed, preludes, forsee, orbs, robs,
13: perssuade, persuades, deranged, ordeals, molten, forseen,
14: pleasured, assemble, pleasure, gvern,
15: damns, selene, foes,
16: spry, love,
17: torrent, respy, pyres, preys, soon,
18: losers, never,
19: treasons, renee,
20: amends, years,
21: lender, terms,
22: -
23: -

Mayoress, rumoured, loves bells, presumable, attorneys, monastery, squanders, beholders, beheld, moonlets, splenotomy, mesocolon, gangrened, Pyrmonts, seafronts, trembled, demand, foresent, ordeals, treasons, molten, pyres, rumored, syntrope, pleasured, persuades, Maenads, assemvle, squared, usable, ardour, loosen, treason, deranged, lenders, forseen.

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