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Nostradamus C6 Q89: Jesus clone struggles with his public and private duties to Grael and destiny.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 6 Quatrain 89 This verse relates CYPHERS to the NORDIC FUTHARK in this verse via its allusion  'Feet & hands bound bettween two boats, face anointed with honey' and it links all this to the CHRIST CLONE  tale via 'Cup bearer to falsify, Chalice tried'.In this verse the Jesus clone is tested to the point of torture by his totors in order that he adopts their views of the world.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. My hesitances teaches amnesties entered cues excused bespied chasteness
2. Coinage deem life delicate subdialect abuts dementia malefice defilement
3. Each chiefs finite forum guess name fit Eunomia
4. Apoplectic poet theme circulate futhaerc cipher refutal
Feet and hands bound between two boats,
Face anointed with honey, and sustained with milk
Wasps and flies, paternal love vexed,
Cup-bearer to falsify, Chalice tried.
Entre deux cymbes piedz et mains eſtaches
De miel face oingt et de laict ſubſtante
Gueſpes et mouches fitine amour faches
Poccilateur faucer Cyphe tempte
L1: <dezpite my aim chasteness unexcreted><my centre-exude be><espied assizement teaches><ux entered> chastens extrude sachets uxed metz amnesties scathes scheat etamin three-decans ezpied reduxe cheats hesitances ascents

L2: <coinage defilement subdialect att-est><ingot deem facile><citadels debutantes> delicate detecting-substantial life dementia abuts malefice attends elastic

L3: <i guess she computees four fit each name><I fit Eunomia (moth goddess><each finite forum>urfa fitches fuchsite emonia emona seeps poem-set touches-me microfauna fetish costume metopes fits etamin caf anemoi infectioustheme finite

L4: <poet circulate theme><cypher true caufe> urfa futauerc apoplectic ectopic euctical filature refutal calcite cypre tauriel het peh percy chypre crepy cry lactic
1: apoplectic, threedecans, defilement, debutantes, assizement, unexcreted, chasteness, touchesme, computees, circulate, fuchsite, ectopic, costume, calcite, cypher,  fetish,
2: subdialect, euctical, Eunomia, filature, trenches, cubits,
3: hesitances, futauerc,  lactic,
4: dementia, fitches,forum,
5: coinage, refutal, hype,
6: chastens, malefice, chiefs, theme, calf, metz,
7: citadels, metopes, poemset, ascents, detail, abuts,
8: amnesties, attends, chafer, guess,
9: teaches, tauriel, uuafer,
10: unexerted, sachets, scathes, ingot, espied, subs,
11: facile, anemoi, emonia,
12: delicate, emona,
13: extrude, tempt,
14: dialect, citadel, castile, elastic, resented, chafes, bust,
15: -
16: chafe,
17: cci,
18: elated, cry,
19: reducex, ideal, poet,
20: inmates, exuder, reduxe, rexdeu, spied,
21: chaste, cheats, scathe, scheat, chats, face,
22: amour, cheat, teach,
23: caf, caf,

poet, theme, circulate, chasteness, apoplectic, dementia, hesitances, chastens, malefice, amnesties, citadels, debutantes, coinage, subdialect, defilement, unexerted, refutal, despite, chiefs, ascents, attends, forum, Tauriel, teaches, detail, Castile, resented, ingot, extrude. 

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