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Nostradamus C6 Q90: Concept of hell's fires motivates mechanisms of war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

As part of his tutelage the Jesus clone is required to conduct a quite horrific raid against the gangsters enemies. It is in this enterprise that he first uses the gift of his word powers to sway the populace to his cause.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

abominant [Latin: abhominant] emptiness in hell is label men put on sins nemesis
L'honniſſement puant abhominable

replicates cafeterias fireplaces life practise elicit
Apres le faict ſera felicite

powers enters features our algebra danger excused
Grand excuſe pour n'eſtre fauorable

inept-tunex it equate painz increase in arsenic it incinerates
Qu'a paix Neptune ne ſera incite
The stinking abominable disgrace,
After the deed he will be congratulated
The great excuse for not being favorable,
That Neptune will not be persuaded to peace
L'honniſſement puant abhominable
Apres le faict ſera felicite
Grand excuſe pour n'eſtre fauorable
Qu'a paix Neptune ne ſera incite
L1: <autobahn emptiness minable><nemesis put hole><hell ban no sin>putamen helon label seem eloh messine(metz) amino seism maptune bath hello

L2: <faster fireplaces elicit>< replicates><traces life false>fecials fleas lepers affricates(complex speech sounds) fears alef reflates pirate cafeterias

L3: <our algebra features ndex><enters pouuers><after our runes><portunes excused> cupreous fenestra gardenable unrest eufrates freest faster labour enlarged returns labor boreal steer

L4: <a quiet increase><put unseen>iniect quite xantippe(socrates wife) incite tune arsenic incinerates neptunee
1: affricates, autobahn, xantippe, maptune, putamen, algebra,
2: incinerates, fireplaces, emptiness, returns, hello,
3: derangable, gardenable, reflates, neptunee, bath,
4: replicates, minable, fecials, Eufrates, features,
5: iniect, incite, unrest, labor,
6: increase, hell,
7: cafeterias, stepmen, labour, excuse, minab, helon,
8: elicit, boreal, label,
9: cupreous, fenestra, unseen, endx, ndex,
10: easier,
11: facile, naxi,
12: portunes, arsenic,
13: alferes,
14: -
15: messine, nemesis, faster, faster, eloh, hole,
16: pouuers, refail, false, fleas,
17: -
18: excused, freest,
19: peratic,
20: flees, feels,
21: -
22: -
23: -

Key Ideas:

cafeterias, fireplaces, emptiness, incinerates, replicates, algebra, features, returns, minable, cupreous, portunes, increase, incite, labour, elicit, arsenic, bath, excuse, boreal, unrest, Helon, facile, powers, nemesis, easier, label, hell, false, Grael, sect, freest, sin.

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