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Nostradamus C6 Q91: A feared onset of asteroids determines birth date of Jesus clone.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C6 Q91 Algrippas work is used by Nostradamus to flag Pliades and Taurid as showers accompying the arrival of the Apep cometThis is the tale of a League based in Navarre that links with the South-West region of Portugal and Spain in order to fight a war. Their union ceases the elevation of a war-general who holds the ideals of a brutal sect. The terms Taurids, Pleiaides and Rigel all relate to a region of sky between Orion and Taurus. The use of the term radiants confirms it involves asteroids from the defined zone that from September to November each year have their densest falls.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Duc counted League regular truce regulated Navarre lavae
2. Rogue re-enfuse hero rib Rigel piper
Rouge effrene ſeuere horrible grippe

peace aspect fit sect Apep chase - Pleiades ideals appealed lands aliens  beast abates
Captif eſchappe de l'aisne dans la baſte

quaint Latin star guard Taurids radiants - DNA drug fund as Grails piper
Quant il naiſtra du grand vn filz Agrippe
Of the leader of the naval war,
Red one unbridled, severe, horrible whim,
Captive escaped from the elder one in the bale,
When there is born a son to the great Agrippa.
Du conducteur de la guerre nauale
Rouge effrene ſeuere horrible grippe
Captif eſchappe de l'aisne dans la baſte
Quant il naiſtra du grand vn filz Agrippe.
L1: <uncoded uuar-general lead truce><regular conduct rude><urge true deal> delarue nauarre league counted nearer regulated unclouded unoccluded concluded uuar claude argue

L2: <by rigel><here use> hero grip piper rogue proper use ensue rho reuse horribler

L3: <chiefs aspect appealed><aliens lands><baal aspect fit> adelaide-happens fitches dianes basalt pleiades beats ideals abates appealed pact caph cephas cash epacts apep adelaidens pasch pesach

L4: <and aggripz latin quatrains finvl guard><algiz quaint piper fvnd> guardianstar lusitanian quinate quintal drug grip istar radiants triads equant quantile taurids isil
1: latinquatrains, guardianstar, unoccluded, lusitanian, uuargeneral, unclouded, adelaidens, uncoded, algiz, fvnd,
2: appealed, basalt, finvl, gaz,
3: deadlines, pleiades,
4: fitches,
5: regulated, conduct, counted, pipe, pipe,
6: quantil, quintal, chiefs, nablas, abates,
7: taurids,
8: eructed,
9: nauarre,
10: schappe, basal, grip, grip,
11: league, piper, piper,
12: radiants, claude, gripe,
13: aspect, epacts,
14: quantile, chafes, progue, unrare,
15: legir, rigel, nearer,
16: -
17: cephas, latins, triads,
18: delarue, chaps, pasch,
19: reargue, ideal,
20: ideals,
21: educt,
22: horrible, beast, beats,

deadlines, appealed, regulated, Pleiades, counted, Taurids, quantile, radiants, Pape, Claude, chiefs, eructed, Navarre, league, aspect, abates, latins, piper, gripe, reargue, basal, triads, Tsarina, nearer, beast, Rigel, star, sect, ideal.

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