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Nostradamus C6 Q92: The royal line and its ties to Nostradamus.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C6 Q92 French Royal Line DNA code for prescient beings encripted in DNA and Ns artifacts Here is a verse with enigmas to excite the mind. We have the glamour, intrigue, and drama well suited to many stories but the anagrams give it a different twist since they imply it is really about high level code and the encoder.

There are several references that Nostradamus makes that apply to himself and his decoder, a white haired person hampered by a wasting disease such as oedema (also called dropsy).

The sequence of verses at the end of Centuries VI hold numerous code-relevant anagrams in their lines while the story of the text is relevant to both the 16th century (Henry IV) and to the modern day tales in Nostradamus' Prophecies.

This verse has several code related full-anagrams within it which encourages me to include the split anagram for cryptographer found in the fourth line. The lettering is evocative of several complex words on the same topic (e.g. cryptography) but they are also split anagrams and in a single split or un-split format they can only be found in this verse.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Encripted Venus attune prescient debutantee
2. Auch encodes confiscated artifact
 autarchy enclosed
3. Castile facade actualised powdered farce Gualite faced
4. Lecturer undreamt fleeched rapport portray DNA crypto-graphy
Prince of beauty so comely,
Around his head a plot, the second deed betrayed:
The city to the sword in dust the face burnt,
Through too great murder the head of the King hated.
Prince de beaute tant venuſte
Au chef menee le ſecond faict trahy
La cite au glaiue de poudre face aduſte
Par trop grand meurtre le chef du Roy hay.
  1.  <encriPted venuS be attenuate><PreScient><Priest><attune>
  2. <he confiScated Autarchy[self-rule]><el em en ef artifact encloSed> encodeS
  3. <gaulite pouudered eLastic facade><actuaLiSed a gaulite pouudered face><fear educateS><ague Lattice/ tactiLe aliue>
  4.  <cryPto-grapher named truer><fchedule><Paratrophy [wasting disease] fed youR><handy-program Part><hoaRy feud Portray><lecturer named>
1: autarchy confiscated, actualised, paratrophy, educates, facade,
2: adulates, hoary, pouudered,
3: encripted, artifact, portray, tacit,
4: -
5: Gaulite,
6: rapport, lecturer, tract, undreamt,
7: refaced,
8: prescient, saluted, unarmed, cinder,
9: enclosed, Petrus, purest, Freud,
10: caused, party,
11: upset,
12: lattice / tactile,
13: fleeched, encript, attune, lecher, Hercle,
14: Castile, castle,
15: farce, Selene,
16: -
17: encodes, fad,
18: dust,
19: -
20: enclose,
21: salute, face,
22: -
23: caf.

confiscated, paratrophy, actualised, autarchy, educates, facade,  powdered, adulates, hoary, encripted, artifact, portray, tacit, Gaulite, undreamt, rapport, lecturer, tract, refaced, prescient, saluted, unarmed, cinder, enclosed, Petrus, purest, Freud, caused, party, upset, lattice / tactile, fleeched, encript, attune, lecher, Hercle, Castile, castle, farce, Selene, encodes, fad, dust, enclose, salute, face.


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