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Nostradamus C6 Q93: Nostradamus notes he sees his own coded message differently to us.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C6  Q93 Nostradamus warns greedy prelates will be prevented from accessing his workNostradamus declares a great deal of self-interest via the last line of this verse since he is indicating that the process of encoding his messages shapes his meaning more than the story in the text. His anagrams in the first line tell us that the text is built from his visions of the past while the second tells us his code is held within six nine-bit squares some of which overlap to fit into the available space in a verse.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Pretemporal aura bit into premonitio (lat: premonition) poem made
2. Provident Durance seer overprinted  direr equator
3. Seems messages result rise by a blustery patter
4. Oblique foibles ironfisted bourse liquer to uuater
The greedy prelate deceived by ambition,
He comes to reckon nothing too much for him:
He and his messengers completely trapped,
He who cut the wood sees all in reverse.
Prelat auare d'ambition trompe
Rien ne ſera que trop viendra cuider
Ses meſſagiers et luy bien attrape
Tout au rebours voir qui le bois fendroit.
  1. dream bit into poem><premotion made aura alter><~aura made into Pretemporal bit~><monitor ambit><pre-emptor ambitioned>
  2. <inneR quarter See><provident arc><overprinted Square><nine carRied-under vi>
  3. <meSSages rise><Seems SageS result by inate part>
  4. <our oblique ironfisted visor><it is fonder To uuater><robe>
1: provident, premotion, blustery, messages, overprinted, ambitioned, ironfisted,
2: pretemporal, meterprop, oblique,  prompter, Antipater,brouuser,
3: equator, quarter, messes,
4: ageisms, ambit, iamb, buy,
5: foibles, fiends,
6: triton,
7: Durance, fonder, Einsof, ensnare, masses, visor,
8: monitor, inner,
9: nitrate / tertian, uuart,
10: bourse,
11: liquer,
12: -
13: quaere, Rennes, direr,
14: uuater,
15: -
16: -
17: Iosef, Aegis,
18: quaeres, cura,
20: patter, gases / sages,
21: -
22: -
23: result, poem.

overprinted, ambitioned, ironfisted, provident, premotion, blustery, messages, pretemporal, meterprop / preemptor, Antipater, prompter, oblique, browser, equator, quarter, messes, ageisms, ambit, iamb, buy, foibles, fiends, Triton, Durance, fonder, einsof, ensnare, masses, visor, monitor, inner, nitrate / tertian, wart, bourse, liquer, quaere, Rennes, direr, water, Iosef, Aegis, quaeres, cura, patter, gases / sages, result, poem.


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