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Nostradamus C6 Q96: Timescale for great war and Pandora's gifts.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse at both the text and anagram level set the signs that can be seen at the time of the hideous calamity at the heart of Nostradamus' Prophecies. The nature of Nostradamus' quatrains yields much about its intent. It is of a well-defined scale insufficient to offer insight into a great number of events. There is no reasonable logic to his having chosen events in a far distant future other than that these events are far more significant than all those in between. But there is also no logic for a man of the sixteenth century to become involved other than the recording of an inescapable set of events that the earth survives. This rationale is to be found in the anagrams which focus on a time scale, the atmospere and climate Disasters. And the inclusion of the name Pandora in the anagrams illustrates this well since it is a perfect cipher for the release of manifold ills. To this the anagram for Hippocrates offers another dimension for these gifts for this name acts as a cipher for all things medical.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

enraged societal declarations isolated a dislocated band none endanger
Grand cite a ſoldatz abandonnee

once Que[e]ns list unites most lett[e]rs Hippocrates tumults split
Onques n'y euſt mortel tumult ſi proche

time approaches  a spaceport hide Apeps use choke atmospheric climate
O quel hideuse calamite s'approche

scenery Pandora forsee oven fence off years yearns
Fors vne offence n'y sera pardonnee
Great city abandoned to the soldiers,
Never was mortal tumult so close to it:
Oh, what a hideous calamity draws near,
Except one offense nothing will be spared it.
Grand cite a ſoldatz abandonnee
Onques n'y euſt mortel tumult ſi proche
O quel hideuse calamite s'approche
Fors vne offence n'y sera pardonnee.
  1. <old diStance Genera><declarations><endanGer no Societal band><diSlocated><iSolated><none cited old tazaband anGer>
  2. <my-tuneS><no queensy muSt><Split chore><loSt-cipher>
  3. <a time appro'ches><papers echo time><hippocrates><hide a time scale use> <atmospheric-epoq><climate-appears use><spaceport aim><prophe-tic sea>
  4. <pandora ovens scenery Forseen><years pandora>yearns.
1: atmosppheric, declarations, hippocrates, lostcipher, dislocated, spaceport, tazaband,
2: isolated, mytunes, queensy, scenery, split, spilt,
3: pandora, offence, yearns, euoqe,
4: latincodes, societal, adiacent, tumult, alcaeus, batz,
5: copperas, parrades, camail, must,
6: -
7: climaate, pastime,
8: isolate, repays, ovens, hid,
9: hide, heli,
10: -
11: carding, abandon, loads, mutes,
12: abadon, forsee, apeps, lust,
13: distance, citadens, forseen, pits,
14: malac, load, hone,
15: strip, fence, sold,
16: -
17: redacting, most,
18: chopper, endanger, seduce, enoch, rvnes,
19: copperah,
20: years, off,
21: list, agree,
22: clause,
23: -

Key Ideas:

atmosppheric, declarations, Hippocrates, dislocated, spaceport, Tazaband, isolated, mytunes, queensy, scenery, split, spilt, Pandora, offence, yearns, evoke, latincodes, societal, adiacent, tumult, Alcaeus, must, climaate, pastime, isolate, repays, ovens, hid, hide,  carding, abandon, loads, mutes, Abadon, forsee, Apeps, lust, distance, citadens, forseen, pits, load, hone, strip, fence, sold, redacting, most, chopper, endanger, seduce, Enoch, rvnes, years, off, list, agree, clause.


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