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Nostradamus C6 Q98: Religious people heighten fears over emerging diseases.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

A city in Northern Germany finds that the DNA of its citizens is being altered by a disease. The anagram for epistatic found in the second line fits to this scenario since the term applies to the suppression of one gene by another. The verse also contains anagrams for gluconates and desugaring both of which are applicable to the molecular nature of genes. There are also anagrammatic terms suggesting this gene affects resistance to disease. The genetic explanation found in the anagrams also can also be extended to the text where the two rivers flowing with blood are the arteries and veins.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 terrible ruins USA souls slow sequ[e]ls if terrori[s]t supersede
Ruyne aux volſques de peur ſi fort terribles

Epistle regular Lent detracting infect epistatic (dependant genes) facet silent list entitles
Leur grand cite taincte faict pestilent

iller soul event olive oil rulers met Stemples ellipse
Piller Sol Lune et violer leurs temples

rogues rides flew consulage settled  gluconate fuel used 
Et les deux fleuues rougir de ſang coulant
Ruin for the Volcae so very terrible with fear,
Their great city stained, pestilential deed
To plunder Sun and Moon and to violate their temples
And to redden the two rivers flowing with blood.
Ruyne aux volſques de peur ſi fort terribles
Leur grand cite taincte faict pestilent
Piller Sol Lune et violer leurs temples
Et les deux fleuues rougir de ſang coulant
L1: <sefirott pure seed><if supersede><surely bitterr> depriues

L2: <rule redacting septic fate intact><entitles regular><dictate aseptic infect> detracting

L3: <urs lovelier temple loser spill><oil event><ellipse unrolls> olive petroleumsellers

L4: <~our consulage talent use fuel grid exudes~><uue fluxed readings rogues settle><desugaring fet uuorse fuel exudes>< talent / latent unclog seed> gluconate ridges uxeful
1: petroleumsellers, gluconate, epistatic, pistacite, nictitate, dictate, unrolls,
2: detracting, desugaring, templers, unclog, uneasyer, bitterr, settled, grid, null,
3: sefirott, lovelier, terrorit, ridges,
4: consulage, decagons, supersede,
5: pestilent, entitles, spill,
6: suprsede, violet, infect,
7: terrible, rigour, facet,
8: aseptic, spiller, fluxed, surely, furies, flux, flex,
9: ellipse, epistle, rolls,
10: stemples, depriues, oliver, rotter, dirge, ridge,
11: carding, deletes, muster,
12: -
13: fuelx, seuuer,
14: intact, settle,
15: ayen,
16: cog,
17: redacting, olive,
18: latent, talent, rubles, rulers,
19: eldest, ruyn,
20: grandeur, pelmets, temples, stempel, stemple,
21: sfirot, terms, list, ruler,
22: fate,
23: resulte, result, lette,

epistatic, gluconate, detracting, desugaring, pestilent, consulage, decagons, , supersede, settled, terrible, aseptic, carding, entitles, depriues, violet, spiller, infect, fluxed, epistle, rigour, ellipse, grid, surely, spill, furies, grandeur, deities, muster, latent, facet.

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