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Nostradamus C7 Q03: The Jesus clone draws support from Naval and military sources.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 03 This verse is distinctly about a naval battle and since it has anagrams for Nelsons epoch and in the text mentions the name of his ship 'Victory' and his opposing nations there is reason to consider it refers to several nations in the era around 1805CE.ThIs verse offers a uniting tale of the Jesus clone who is a leader in military battles located in the same region as Nelson fought. The lower reaches of Portugal and the western part of spain are the sites provided by the clues found in the anagrams. Its implication is that the older born of the twins is born with an unwanted genetic feature so the younger twin takes his place.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Lance spread a paler reaction fear Victoria creation alive
2. Chosen lesson helps Nelson's epoch once branchless chin in Lion sons
3. Isabelle err recloned older dread lands resume as basal labels realisable
4. Norse Lotan duuarf excused poet consents
After the naval victory of France,
the people of Barcelona the Saillinons and those of Phocen
the robber of gold, the anvil enclosed in the ball
the people of Ptolon will be party to the fraud.
Apres de France la victoire nauale
Les Barchinons Saillinons les Phocens
Lierre d'or l'enclume ſerre dedans la baſle
Ceux de Ptolon au fraud ſeront conſens.
L1: <france spread alive reaction> acetonuria valiance victoria fear avile locative spared creation touraine victoire presealed voltaic defers repeal relapsed speared

L2: <lion sails on in arch><once helps><as ill><sails on in branchless>lilian(adj epacts) epochs enoch crabless bresilhac(at montsigur) chiron helops ableness bronchia nelsons chosen rich lesson bars base hopes encloses iohn coph bares

L3: <lands reaLiSable order><seem older uncle erred isabella lands><reorder labels><allies reorder bandleaders resume><nablas deed><basal lie slandered><older uncle seem erred> lord isabelle baal sadden muscle

L4: <norse duuarf platoon consent excused><plot on a duuarf> urfa croton ensconces unsorted uxed excused duras exude rafuna frauds depot consents consorted poet sounder aroused
1: PLATOON, BANDLEADERS, ABLENESSS, REORDER, BRANCHLESS, VALIANCE, REALISES, ENSCONCES, LOCATIVE,  bronchia, chiron, helops,  2: NELSONS, ISABELLA, acetonuria,  LILIAN, crabs,   3: CONSORTED, Isabelle, VOLTAIC, EPOCHS,  4: VICTORIA, FRAUDS,   5: DUUARF, LESSONS, LABELS, HELPS, DEPOT, HOPES,   6: slandered, encloses, defers,   7: CONSENTS, CHOSEN,   8: UNSORTED, PRESEALED,  9: consentor, touraine, epoch, UNCLE, crab,  10: CREATION / reaction, basal, Duras,  11:PLOT,  12: AROUSED,
13: victoire, d'France, resume,
14: sounder, allies, order, lord,
15: -
16: -
17: feeds,
18: excused, Enoch, fraud,
19: poet,
20: consent, enclose,
21: -
22: Croton, erotic, chair, avile / alive, lessen, bless,
23: deaden.

Key Ideas:

realisable, bandleaders, branchless, locative, ensconces, platoon, valiance, Chiron, reorder, ableness, acetonuria, Victoria, Isabelle, voltaic, consentor, slandered, Nelsons, epochs, encloses, unsorted, creation, labels, Enoch, frauds, chosen, lesson, helps, hopes, uncle, aroused.

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