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Nostradamus C7 Q4: The cipher 'L' for places of long sad sieges.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has an important place in Nostradamus' Book of names and it presents its cipher by gathering together a collection of places where sieges have been important. The anagrams of the second line have a most unusual tone with the adjacent anagrams of 'only occasion' sugesting the special relevance of this verse while two other anagrams for 'diagnose tune' indicate what Nostradamus meant us to do with this insight.

The anagrams that flesh out this verse include:

old 'ell' saddened deduce san-Grael reassigns Eddan 'gee'
Le duc de Langres aſſiege dedans Dolle

map gained so tune let diagnose ions only occasion
Accompaigne d'Ostun et Lyonnois

Raimond and D'Orlean mixed golden Gene even pause our junior c [100] executed
Geneue Auſpour joinct ceux de Mirandole

Passions personalises electrons controlments Alencons tolerances  repass canons ions
Paſſer les monts contre les Anconnois.
The Duke of Langres besieged at Dole
accompanied by people from Autun and Lyons.
Geneva, Augsburg allied to those of Mirandola,
to cross the mountains against the people of Ancon.

Le duc de Langres aſſiege dedans Dolle
Accompaigne d'Ostun et Lyonnois
Geneue Auſpour joinct ceux de Mirandole
Paſſer les monts contre les Anconnois.
  1. <deduce olD eLl sadden Sieges><as SiegeS enLarged and solD>< saDdened angel reaSSigns>
  2. <~onLy occAsion i map gOd-sent tune~>< diagnOse tune>
  3. <adMire olden Gene><a Golden Murexide [ ancient purple dye]> <raiMond junior exccuted><d'orlean Gene mixed><raiMond uxed conceit>reloadinG
  4.  <cAnons PaSsion leSser controlments><PerSonaliSes><controlments nonProSaicalneSs [impracticality]><PerSiaS solemn on electron Canons> <tolerances>

An important figure in the sieges of the Cathar Crusades was Raymond VI of Toulouse and an anagram of his name is found in the third line. He was one of a succession of Counts of Toulouse who carried the name Raymond. The following is an extract that ties him and his grandfather Raimond (Raymond) IV of Toulouse to the other concepts in this verse.  

Raymond IV of Toulouse was known for being the first nobleman to take the cross and lead an army in the First Crusade. Raymond was an important leader of the Crusades armies, and participated in the capture of Antioch and Jerusalem.

The verse below contains eleven capital letters 'LLDALGAMPA' and both 'L' and 'A' with three each are most prominent.


1: nonprosaicalness, controlments, God-sent, mixed,
2: personalises, occasion, reassigns, diagnose, Murexide, saddened, junior,
3: reloading, glanced,
4: Alencons, conceit, ordinal, deduce, lodge,
5: campaign-code, aspersions, cannon, Eugene,
6: -,
7: reglanced, passion, edged,
8: canons,
9: san- grael / sang-real, asepsis, candle / calend,
10: tolerances, Raimond, anions, apsis,
11: plot,
12: Roland, ordain, radion, Claude, canon,
13: morsel,
14: sonance, admire,
15: solmnest, oceans, sieges, sold,
16: golden, join,
17: gained, 
18: -
19: enlarges / generals,
20: Legand / angled,
21: d'Orlean / Leonard, ousted,
22: passes,
23: electrons, cleans / lances, deaden.

nonprosaicalness, controlments, God-sent, mixed,personalises, occasion, reassigns, diagnose, Murexide, saddened, junior,reloading, glanced,Alencons, conceit, ordinal, deduce, lodge, campaign-code, aspersions, cannon, Eugene,  reglanced, passion, edged, canons, san-grael, asepsis, candle / calend, tolerances, Raimond, anions, apsis, plot, morsel, sonance, admire, oceans, sieges, sold, golden, join, gained, enlarges / generals, angled,  d'Orlean, Leonard, ousted, passes, electrons, cleans / lances, deaden.

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