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Nostradamus C7 Q05: Late in 21stC radioactive arsenite rains from the skies of Europe.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The tone of this verse places it in the story of the Jesus clones battles off the western coast of the Iberian peninsula. It has many of the same elements found in nearby verses regarding poison, meteorites and the nearby Seas. The  third offers a dating clue via its anagrams.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

tabular unalterableness Lebanese rareness apes unwind
Vin sur la table en ſera reſpandu

pretend toil retitles runa equicellular allurance arsenites neutralities neutraliser eternalist uranites recall
Le tiers n'aura celle qu'il pretendoit

Foix undo pride preordain period remap dream dunces used
Deux fois du noir de Parme deſcendu

civil idiot Europes apes size acquire
Perouſe a Pize ſera ce qu'il cuidoit
Some of the wine on the table will be spilt,
the third will not have that which he claimed.
Twice descended from the black one of Parma,
Perouse will do to Pisa that which he believed.
Vin sur la table en ſera reſpandu
Le tiers n'aura celle qu'il pretendoit
Deux fois du noir de Parme deſcendu
Perouſe a Pize ſera ce qu'il cuidoit
L1: <rare span unalterableness> <tabular> <lebanese> <enables vi are unspared> tenable rareness altar austral

L2: <pretend retains equicellular toil> narratiues letteri listener neutralise peril arsenite arseniuret deletion eternalist sterile uranites repent title triple allurance quell peter insert oriented recall retitles neutraliser

L3: <sound is of screamed pride><armed scene> paired descend denude preordain scampered uneduced uxed foix desdend fox period dream premade

L4: <persia sea><seize pouuer><acquire petrol><lucid poetries> proetus caique ciuil europes picture clique idiot size zepi sieze quacer proteus
1: unalterableness, equicellular, allurance, uneduced, Lebanese, enables,
2: neutralities, scampered, tabular, Austral, lucid,
3: neutraliser, screamed, ciuil, enable, seize (2x),
4: narratiues, deletion, descend, tenable, letteri, denude, qell,
5: eternalist, neutralise, fox,
6: preordain, premade, period, belate, erazes, title,
7: retitles, rareness, recall,
8: arseniuret, unspared, acquire, caique, idiot, quell,
9: triple, size,
10: pretend, sound, foix,
11: denote, ruins,
12: quacer,
13: oriented,
14: runas,
15: listener, paired, selene,
16: posture / Proteus / Proetus,
17: uranites,
18: clique, table, seerz, cura,
19: Europes,
20: arsenite, zees,
21: -
22: pride, altar,
23: dud.

Key Ideas:

equicellular, allurance, unalterableness, Lebanese, neutralities, neutraliser, scampered, narratives, eternalist, preordain, lucid, tabular, deletion, arseniuret, Austral, descend, unspared, tenable, retitles, acquire, civil, period, uranites, denote, Europes, size, idiot, dream.

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