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Nostradamus C7 Q06: The age of Aquarius engulfed by Celestial ills.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Here Nostradamus alludes to how he has referred to and amended ancient ideas of the celestial plane to a form more inkeeping with the future. He has fitted the zodiac signs using Aquarius as his starting point which he indicates by anagrams referring to a maiden and mountain lakes (cirques). It is in this designated age (which fits to our own era) that the ills mentioned in his text will occur. This is alreday known to be one of Nostradamus' major themes as can be seen in my papers titled Mutations and Nostradamus on War

Anagrams from which the keys will come include:

celestial ill plane please meter outlet
Naples Palerme et toute la Secille

remap barbarian bears era inhabit
Par main barbare ſera inhabitee

Ciceros closer lines quiesce cirques equals entered dates reading
Corſicque Salerne et de Sardeigne l'iſle

pastime guest reurge define inferred gesture maiden unites USA auxin tempt fate
Faim peſte guerre fin de maux intemptee.
Naples, Palerma and all of Sicily
will be uninhabited through Barbarian hands.
Corsica, Salerno and the island of Sardinia,
hunger, plague, war the end of extended evils.

Naples Palerme et toute la Secille
Par main barbare ſera inhabitee
Corſicque Salerne et de Sardeigne l'iſle
Faim peſte guerre fin de maux intemptee.
  1. <celeStial plaNe l meter out elapse><~meet real outlet laNe Slice aPpeals~>
  2. <barbarian remaP arieS bathin [ Demon Duke of Hell]><imPerate [directive] barbarian inhabi(t) Seer>
  3. <equalS CiceroS redeSignated illS><entered readings><equalS dateS CiceroS illS reigned><Sequela enter diSagreed lineS><learnS cirqueS [glacial lake] lineS Close>
  4. <refer maiden guest><tempt friend urge amuxe in Steep aim><refined geSture><inferred gueSt amuxe>

1: redesignated, barbarian,
2: celestial, toluates, disagree, inferred, refined,
3: colleries, disagreed, dreadest, Ciceros (2x)
4: calques / claques, caiques / iacques, cirques,
5: inhabit, imperate, reigned, friend, auxin, guest,
6: infamed, appeals, sequela, unitex,
7: regained, pastime, toluate, Bathin, apples, Binah, Minab, clil,
8: legendari, realigned, resample, quisce, define,
9: gesture, brain, find, xiu, xui,
10: recoils, casque, closer, mined, dirge / ridge, easier,
11: sampler, bearers, refire,
12: dearest, Marian, Gedi,
13: equals, tempt, Maria,
14: empties, resented, fiend,
15: single, rebase,
16: -
17: Parma, gets,
18: outlet, dreads / sadder,
19: elapse, please, infer / finer, Renee,
20: maiden, habit,
21: salute, Hiba,
22: ills,
23: -.

redesignated, celestial plane, inferred, Ciceros, imperate, cirques, disagreed, maidens, guest, gesture, tempt, friend, pastime, resample, letter, toluate, appeals, quiesce, auxin, empties, resented, toluates, Marian, define, closer, outlet.



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