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Nostradamus C7 Q07: Crusader actions in the 16thC act as guides to a modern war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 07 In a major battle involving light horses it is claimed the great cresent is destroyed with its soldiers in the mountain found in shepherds clothes killed and their blood drained into a very deep abyss.Nostradamus constantly draws on the past and the present to illustrate a future event. In this verse he uses to the theme of the crusaders of the order of St John's stripping local historic resources for strengthening of Bodrum Castle in Turkey. This included the use for decoration of twelve slabs engraved with Geak versus Amazonians in combat which were taken from the nearby mausoleum in 1505-17. The image of Draconis raised in the anagrams places the time for the future event as 2100CE when Polaris once more turns from the pole as did Draconis several thousand years ago.

The anagrams giving the extra dimensions to this verse include:

1. Bodrum-castle rules cruel mob dates beastdom dangers
2. Draconis earlier danger Nordic nonfascist corrigenda Constans cannot cordon
3, Designer instructed months girders debits rise insured
4. Romes gruesome rogues dangerous felons lands foes profess proof and bias
Upon the struggle of the great light horses,
it is claimed that great crescent is destroyed
Those in Mountains in Shepherds clothes killed
Reddening deep abysses in deepest pit.

Sur le combat des grans cheuaux legiers
On criera le grand croiſſant confond
De nuict tuer monts habits de bergiers
Abiſmes rouges dans le foſſe profond.
  1. <bodrum-caStle ( 1494 Knights of Rhodes)><cruel beastdom riSes><ruleS combated angers rise>
  2. <earlier corrigenda><nonfaSciSt on larger nOrdic draconiS [dragon star] ><narcoSis real danger>
  3.  < breed a months true bits resigneD><instructeD><debts habits remounts>
  4.  <dangerous floes Seism bAnd profeSS><sad felons gruesome biAS profeSS>
3:INSTRUCTED, DRACONIS,  DANGEROUS,  coriander,  isomers, ridges,   4: sandgrouse, NORDIC, DEBITS, iambs,   5: ALFONSE DEBTS,  6: FELONS, MUTTER, DESIGHER, INSURED, uxual,   7: NARCOSIST, CANNOT, ranches,   8: remounts, HABITS, ensured / endures, spores, Olmec,   9: narcosis, EARLIER, utter,
10: remiss, BREEDS, BAD,
11: induces,
12: racier, dregs,
13: floes, breed,
14: closure, reside,
15: arsonist, foes,
16: remount, bits,
17: combat, oasis, uuax,
18: crier,
19: grades, liege,
20: habit, proof,
21: -
22: -
23: floe.

Bodrum-Castle, nonfascist, corrigenda, combated, beastdom, gruesome, months, profess, Melcor, instructed, Androgeus / dangerous, coriander, draconis, isomers, ridges, sandgrouse, Nordic, debits, iambs, Alfonse, debts, designer, insured, felons, mutter, uxual, narcosist, ranches, cannot, remounts, habits, ensured / endures, spores, Olmec, narcosis, earlier, utter, remiss, breeds, bad, induces, racier, dregs, floes, breed, closure, reside, arsonist, foes, remount, bits, oasis, wax, crier, grades, liege, habit, proof.

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