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Nostradamus C07 Q08: Nostradamus involved in examination of the Dead.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 08 The anagrams of this verse relate to illnesses of the ancient past in the context of modern clinical ways of ensuring fertility is possible despite new anti-fertility illnesses affecting males. Ancient religions are deemed responsible for the rise of theses illnesses and the resultant wars.The first line of this verse holds anagrams for the names of three ancient writers Proclus, Homer and Psellos (which occurs in two lines as Psellus. There is also an anagram for Arianism in the third line, a distinctive philosophical vew point that led to the Nicean declarations of heresy and the Trinity during 325CE. This together with other names such as Saracen and Pandora supports my view that this section is Nostradamus' acknowledgement list used to clarify the nature of his messages. There are other consistencies implied by anagrams for forensical, formalin, wiffs and scrophule which suggest this vese is about the examination of the dead for research purposes. This carries through into an interest in the medical aspects of sex and fecundation.

The anagrams that appear in this verse include:

1. Scrophule formalin wiffs el Sufi Psellus Proclus Homer purples echo Rome Moirae
2. Forensical fecundation contained Sulfane arsenal fuels useful arena's Saracen innoculated
3. Psellus pages splurges Arianism animas sprang
4. Pandora eras sense serene sex ornamented spleen
Flora, flee, flee the nearest Roman,
at Fesulan will conflict be given:
blood shed greatest one taken by the hand
neither temple nor sex will be pardoned.

Flora fuis fuis le plus proche Romain
Au feſulan sera conflict donne
Sang eſpandu les plus grans prins a main
Temple ne ſexe ne ſera pardonne.
  1. <proclus [neoplatonist] main heRo> <homeR Final corpus><psellus [Gk: wrote a classification for demons] uuiffs inFormal /Formalin> <propulse>scrophule [Tuberculosis in lymph gland]
  2. <saracen fuelS innoculAted><uSeful falcon contained><forensical> <learns fecundAtion [conception]>
  3. <psellus arianism sprang > <splurges Agens uplandS><as agenS main><pageS
  4. <ornamenTed Spleen><pandora Sex Serene>
1: ARIANISM, INNOCULATED, INFORMAL, FECUNDATION, FORMALIN,      2: UUIFFS, FALCON, CONTAINED,   3: FORENSICAL / falconries, Pandora,    4: SCROPHULE, falconers, El Sufi / fusile,   5: SULFANE, USEFUL, ORNAMENTED, UPLANDS, PURPLES, furisa, Moirae, Homer,   6: propulse, Proclus,   7: onement, SARACEN, ARSENAL,  spleen,   8: splurges, contend, Psellus (2x), corpus, Peplus,    9: sprang,   10: unelapsed, Franco,
11: -
12: -
13: unseal,
14: pages,
15: Selene, Sufi,
16: -
17: -
18: final, fuels,
19: mania,
20: -
21: -
22: -
23: crops,

fecundation, innoculated, informal / formalin, Arianism, contained, falcon, wiffs,  forensical / falconries, Pandora, scrophule, falconers, El Sufi / fusile, ornamented, uplands, purples, sulfane, useful, furisa, Moirae, Homer, propulse, Proclus, onement, Saracen, arsenal, spleen,  splurges, contend, Psellus (2x), corpus, Peplus, sprang, unelapsed, Franco, unseal, pages, Selene, Sufi, final, fuels, mania, crops.

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