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Nostradamus C7 Q11: An invader's harsh laws cause genetic harm.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse contains anagrams that link to ideas in the text. The resulting tale is of a child damaged by radioactivity. This story parallels that of the Jesus clone and is probably another dimension of that same tale.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

nomenclatory Troy fan learn Tamerlane alarm re-enflame
L'enfant Royal contemnera la mere

bassinet polite elation spied blessed duress Bedoin Saints biases insured
Oeil piedz bleſſes rude inobeiſſant

well owner metaldealers agreements grant generates by ambient name
Nouuelle a dame eſtrange et bien amere

rottenness duets dispenses includes pulsed nuclide Norse ink scenes  untested
Seront tues des ſiens plus de cinq cens.
The Royal infant scorns his mother
eye, feet wounded rude disobedient;
strange and very bitter news to the lady;
more than five hundred of her people will be killed.
L'enfant Royal contemnera la mere
Oeil piedz bleſſes rude inobeiſſant
Nouuelle a dame eſtrange et bien amere
Seront tues des ſiens plus de cinq cens.
L1: <near royal male><alarm men> lay notary troy lycaon alcyon aroynt contemner onement oncelt afront nomenclatory meton clay tamerlane alarmer

L2: <blessez ruined><possible elation is rudeness> besoin insolates reissued bone blesz saints sanbenitos saintleo saints residues duress obedient boundaries oeil insured

L3: <uuell made agreements><bit rename><nouu alleged><metaldealers ouuner bi name> nearest nestradame samedate ambient adam generates beget medea reagents nouuell easter bite greatnames bet bretagne teresa steer

L4: <rottenness use><destruction sequences><includes penis> cqin seqencs nuclides untested dispenses science
1: nomenclatory, metaldealers, dispenses, samedate, student, alcyon, lycaon, blesz,
2: sanbenitos, greatnames, nestradame, includes, nuclides, bassinet, ambient, blessez, seqencs, beget,
3: bretagne, untested,
4: contemner, insolates,
5: rottenness, agreements, elations, saintleo, blesses, clay,
6: elation, insured,
7: reissued, residues, onement,
8: tamerlane, polite,
9: -
10: -
11: induces, alarmer, realarm,
12: aroynt, notary,
13: enstream, duress,
14: afront, besoin, essbel,
15: oncelt,
16: deriues, residue,
17: nouuell, adam,
18: ouuner, uuell,
19: reagent, rename, rename,
20: generates, teenagers,
21: sides,
22: -
23: -

nomenclatory, metaldealers, dispenses, nuclides, rottenness, bassinet, agreements, ambient, untested, Bretagne, Tamerlane, elation, blesses, residues, insured, onement, beget, polite, owner, enstream, reagent, Nowell, notary, bless, Adam, gene, duress.


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