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Nostradamus C7 Q15: The dragon ciphers for the Tree of Life.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


Insubrian Dragon consuming child.The following verse's anagrams seem to be full of references to Yggdrasill, the Nordic Tree of Life and its use in coding the symbols of events via specific lettering.

Nostradamus verse C7 Q17 - Luxembourg and other south western Euuropean considered indestructible for seven years are devastated by a tsunami creating earthquake.By contrast the text appears very mundane but when united with the anagrams a story of stoic resistance against non-orthodox forces is seen to overcome fire and inundation. It may well be Nostradamus' foretelling of a city near Milan, Italy that survives the Disasters at the the end of this, the 21st, century. Alongside is the modern flag of the Duchy of Milan, the main city of Insubria.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Antic deceit indestructible unblistered tree burns once obscure line
2. Israel realise arsenals edge augmented tsunamis aptness 
4. Dangers stranger regrets foresay reason dragonry enter Oannes resonant letter-enn
4. Horrible hordes sense Essene men Semitic cities
 epistemic pusil
Before the city of the Insubrian lands,
for seven years the siege will be laid;
a very great king enters it,
the city is then free, away from its enemies.

Deuant cite de l'Inſubre contree
Sept ans ſera le ſiege deuant mis
Le treſgrand Roy y fera ſon entree
Cite puis libre hors de ſes ennemis
Anagram sequences in French text.
  1. <an indeStructible tree once Due><once tree burnS unbliStered><cited obScure line aunt entereD>
  2. <realiSe Step iS an augmented eSs> <i augmented iSrael eSs aptneSs>< tsunamiS>
  3. <reaSon enter LeterS yy f-oR dangerS><dragonry tree LeterS enn foreSay>
  4. <horrible Seeds semitiC enn is up><eSsene hordes><ennS horrible epistemiC seed>
1: indestructible, unblistered, epistemic, tsunamis,
2: augmented, Semitic,
3: burlins, foresay, cities,
4: enlisted, tsunami, arsenals, pestis, herb,
5: stranger, nubiles, regrets,
6: coreenter, obscure, letter-en,
7: nebuliser, untamed, reletter, Beorc,
8: burns, spies, fey,
9: -
10: Bernuis, Linus, egrets,/ greets, Sibl, Essene,
11: perstans,
12: -
13: resonant, realises, elegies,
14: intact, Silenu,
15: aptness, arefy / faery,
16: hordes / Herods / Rhodes, deceit,
17: dragonry, lined,
18: -
19: -
20: realise,
21: Oannes,
22: -
23: -

indestructible, unblistered, epistemic, tsunamis, augmented, Semitic, burlins, foresay, cities, enlisted, tsunami, arsenals, pestis, herb, stranger, nubiles, regrets, core-enter, obscure, letter-en, nebuliser, untamed, reletter, Beorc, burns, spies, fey, Bernuis, Linus, egrets,/ greets, Sibl, Essene, perstans,  resonant, realises, elegies, intact, Silenu, aptness, arefy / faery, hordes / Herods / Rhodes, deceit, dragonry, lined, realise, Oannes.

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