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Nostradamus C7 Q16: Three ancient fables are the source for the JeSus clone tale about an Asian Shia rebel.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 16 At the time the sky realigns via a polar shift to make Draco the Pole Star the British Isles will become a fortress to hold back invaders but its forces will be defeated

Both the text and the anagrams have details making them part of the story from the early years of the Jesus clone.


The purpose of the verse appears to be to link three different aspects.


Besides the reference to war and the nations involved there is a clue that alludes to the celestial events yet to come. 


The text refers to a hideous terrible agency and the anagrams hold the terms dragonry and Edasich with the latter being a name for the lead star in Draco, the dragon constellation.


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Proof reticent Dragonry enter tree facient garland profaned
2. Sibl access credibleness render naissant evil rebel Saints issuant up
3. Material story redeem destroys only fears feared
4. Instead Eddan fantasi scans texture Shia  infrabestial fable text hid Edasich
The deep entry made by the great Queen
makes the place powerful and inaccessible;
the army of the three lions will be defeated
causing within a thing hideous and terrible.
Entree profonde par la grand Royne faicte
Rendra le lieu puiſſant inacceſſible
L'armee des troys lyons fera deffaite
Faiſant dedans cas hideux et terrible.
L1: <profaned garland><entice enter proof> dragonry peter ordnary

L2: <credibleness real antic uuisps lie><in saints uuisp><sibl render><learned lie><issuant up> access naissant sensibler isus tunisians uuisps suuipe rebel isil

L3: <story only redeems safer><troys tale feared><destroys fears>material only demeter(virgo) s troyes martiel rosy latimer lyons demeters emerald

L4: <i err his fable due scan dated text texture hides scan infrabestial dead><edda fantasi><asian fable dated><bi-letter text><hides decans uxe> decans sachs bitterer sadden ascend edasich cash instead haides shia exude alef

4: HIDES, affidare, freeport, latimer, martiel, uuisps, suuipe,
6: REDEEMS,  seemed,
7: terrible, iffated,
8: ISSUANT, sustain, hid,
9: DATED, YONDER, hide,
10: SIBL, STORY, Troys,
11: -
12: -
13: -
14: fantasi, emerald, troyes, redeem,
15: -
16: ascend, decans, dances,
17: dragonry, ordnary,
18: instead, steered, scans,
19: rondy,
20: proof,
21: lender, shia,
22: rebel,
23: nosy, noys, sony, asia, aisa,

Key Ideas:

credibleness, destroys, Edasich, bitterer, texture, profaned, material, reticent, dragonry, access, wisps, sustain, fantasy, table, hides, redeem, fable, seemed, emerald, story, dated, Troyes, text, instead, steered, proof, Sibl, ascend, enter, Asia, Shia, rebel, tree.


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