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Nostradamus C7 Q19: Budapest's governmental factions and nuclear weapons
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Apr 2023


Nostradamus Prophecies Nuclear VersesA large number of the English anagrams in Nostradamus' Prophecies are so complex and rare that it seems unlikely they are there by chance alone. The contents of this verse are of an even higher order placing it amongst an elite group where the likelihood of chance as the generator is so low that it appears impossible for the patterns in it to be there by accident.


It is clear from the text that the encounter described in this verse is won and lost not through battles between men but purely by the use of a weapon. This is one of the great changes in the nature of war that has taken place since Nostradamus' time since people can be killed and places destroyed from an incredibly vast distance without the need of actual engagement with the enemy. In this case Nostradamus' words imply a form of chemical warfare and the nature of the chemical can be found in the hidden text but it also carries the institutional basis (militarism) that defines the specificity of the event.  


Nostradamus   C7Q19 Budapests Governmental Factions Columabte Tantalamite infector ailments actinedes weapons radiantnessThe lettering of the third line produces three extraordinarily strong anagrams giving location, institution and agency. These three words use up all the letters in the line and they don't overlap. They are adjacent so what we get when reading from right to left is Budapest's governmental  factions (Son faict ſera vn long temps de batu ).

In C7 Q19 the bonds between text and anagrams, anagrams and others in the cluster etc justify my comment that nuclear events are a significant part of Nostradamus' prophecies.


The third line of text in C7 Q19 is a good starting point for showing the power of anagrams to this verse. The text tells us this verse's story relates to a deed that will be debated for a long time. That wording sets a tone that the anagrams fill out in an amazing way. There can be no doubt that debate over weaponry is a proper activity for such people. There can also be no doubt that the lettering which generates them is not reliant on trivial theft from the groupings of letters in the text.

But what caused people to conclude from the text alone that this verse is about future weaponry? It was probably the mention of a fort that is overwhelmed by a shining metal that is strange and fearful to the people living in that place.


There is no direct reference to a weapon in the text yet there are adjacent anagrams for strange weapons (ſtrange_eſpouuan) where the letter w is formed from the letters uu. This is one of the few amendments I make to Nostradamus' lettering and I do it consistently since that letter was not a functional part of the sixteenth century French alphabet. This anagram appears in the fourth line (See chart of verse given above right).

In that same line preceding and adjacent to the lettering for strange weapons there is an anagram for actinides (citadins e) the name for the series of metals holding the most prominent radioactive elements. All its members are radioactive but Uranium, Plutonium and Thorium are the most well known. They are all shiny metals capable of striking fear into any populace. And these radioactive elements certainly qualify as strange weapons.

In C7 Q19 it is apparent that internal ties are so strong they radically diminish the possibility the anagrams are there by chance alone.

There is a further aspect of conformity that plays a part in determining the credibility of anagrams. It relates to word groups using related terms which only appear together in that verse.

This conformity aspect is illustrated by columbate (combatu Le) and  tantalumite (utilant metal ) in verse C7 Q19 for they relate to a mineral source of importance to the nuclear industry. The two names are interlocked via their union in the one type of rock and yet they appear in lines 1 & 2 of the same verse. Significantly there are no other occurrences of either in any other verse. They too are shiny metals that play an important technology role in modern nuclear activities.

DATA Section

C7 Q19

The fort at Nicea will not engage in combat,
it will be overcome by shining metal.
This deed will be debated for a long time,
strange and fearful for the citizens.

Le fort Nicene ne ſera combatu

ſera par rutilant metal

Son faict ſera vn long temps de batu

Aux citadins e
ſtrange eſpouuantal

Extra Info:

The third line has a powerful set of anagrams that are amongst the hardest to dismiss as a product of chance alone.  Below I show how the letters in the original line can form a series of anagrams by placing the blanks between words in new places and treating the newly grouped letters as anagrams.

Sera vn long temps de batu
S onfaictS eravnlongtem psdebatu
onfaictS eravnlongtem psdebatuS
S governmental budapestS


These anagrams are not frequently found in Nostradamus' Prophecies and 'factions' is the only one to occur in any other verse (two others). These three are adjacent anagrams and use every letter of the line. The words are distinctive and yet their existence is far from obvious by reading the original text. Each word makes sense and has a logical fit in the group that is formed as each can be seen as political in nature. But what is also true is that they add a valid context to the visible message which talks of  a long debate over an act of war. 

The last line also has a sequence of adjacent anagrams which say Actinides strange weapons  (citadins e  -Strange  - eSpouuan). It could also be seen as saying Actinides generates axtual weapons. This is once again a very apt hidden reference adding considerable detail to the text and supporting the theme I have proposed. The actinides are the elements with atomic number from 89 to 103 all of which are radioactive. This series includes Uranium, Thorium and Plutonium and these are silvery-white (shining) metals which is in keeping with the description in Nostradamus' text. But that same line also emphasises the nature of the weapons for it also contains anagrams for generates (eStrange eS) radiantness ( adins eStran).

The anagrams also deal with the treatment of a group of minerals called Columbate (combatu Le), Tantalumite (tilant metal ) and Fluorate (atu Le for). Columbite, also called niobite, niobite-tantalite and columbate [(Fe, Mn)Nb2O6], is a black mineral group that is an ore of niobium. The two primary metals in these minerals, Niobium and Tantalum were unknown in the 16th century but have a critical usage in modern electronics and medical technology. In respect to this the electronics industry is one of the largest industrial sectors in Hungary, accounting for 22% of total Hungarian manufacturing production with much of it located in Budapest.

There is more hidden within this verse that suggests that in the instance under discussion there is a genetic mutation via an infectious agent. (line 1 mutable infector (mbatu Le - fort Nicen), L.2 ailment valiant curse (ilant me - tal Vain - cu Ser) And the first line with its reference to the Nicene fort provides a recognisable cipher that suggests this war is about the fundamental differences in the beliefs of the Christian religions. We therefore have the strong possibility that either one Christian sect annihilates another using nuclear materials or the Christian sects combine to annihilate believers in other religions.

Anagram sequences in French text.
  1. <coLumbate[Niobate] Serene iNfector> <combat fLourate lN><refLectioN>
  2. <ailment Valiant curSe><VulcaniSe [heat treatment] tantalumite><aVailment ritual><Venatical [hunting] mutilant [mutilating source]><Cauvin><calVin uSE>
  3. <budapest'S governmental factionS>
  4. <actinides Strange Axtual uueaponS><indicateS reagentS><Sanitised personage><instead generateS><greatneSS>


  • 1. Columbate, Tantalumite, availment, valiant, mutilant, Budapest(s), governmental, sanitised, personage
  • 2. Calvin, vulcanisate, venatical, uueapons, radiantness,
  • 3. Fluorate (2x), tardiness, vulcanise, factions, dissent,
  • 4. infector, actinides / indicates, uuant,
  • 5. reflection, Cauvins, tubal, ailment, anvil,
  • 6. -
  • ritual, fornicates, diactin, insets, abuts,lava,
  • 8. servant, ravens, Nicene,
  • -
  • Fiona, based,
  • vernal,
  • Cauvin, lament / menta / mantle, averts / starve / vaster, cxi /xci,
  • faction
  • abut (2x),
  • -
  • -
  • greatness, raven,
  • instead,anvl,
  • reagent, coma,
  • generates / teenagers, beat /bets,
  • -
  • -
  • floe.
  • governmental, valiant curse, Tantalumite, vulcanisate, Columbate, radiantness, availment, Budapests, mutilant, sanitised, inclavate, personage, vulcanise, vicarates, reflection, fornicates, indicates / actinides, valiant, factions, tardiness, uueapons, infector, flourate, actual, dissent, diactin, ailment, faction, greatness, inserts, servant, generates, tubal, ritual, abuts, want, lament, instead.




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