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Nostradamus C7 Q21: Reaction of the Middle East & West to the new super-ape.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

The story from the anagrams in this verse is about the different reactions of the West and Middle-East to the List of verses in Superape seriesemergence of a new ape that evolves from man. It implies the West is less tolerant than the Islamic sects who actually aid its spread by their actions to desexualise foreign populations.

The text by itself offers a far more mundane tale of human interactions than that from the anagrams yet the same lineage purpose can be implied. This verse and its pair named alongside present details related to the early presence of the superape species.

The new ape claim is based in one of the rare anagrams for superape (ue Par peſ ) found in the first line. The lettering of this same line generates terms such as paper list in epistle line that resonate with Nostradamus' linking process of his Epistles message with that in his prophecies. However none of these terms in the sequence presented are rare and hence have a greater chance of being accidental formations. Against that possibility it has to be accepted that in any writing there is usually a larger number of simple words than complex ones.

The above commentary is true of all my anayses but it is the framework and cohesion between its rarest anagrams and the text that provide the headstone for each verse. That relationship persists throughout this verse.

Nostradamus Verse C7 Q21 Superape series Isis Islum Tehran Demasculine Tyre-DNAThe regional and institutional actors in this verse are seen via anagrams for ISIS (iſſi), Islum (ſimul), easterly (ſera le ty), cliques (sicque), Tehran (herant), Tyre (e tyr) and adherent (herant De).

The actions uniting the above are defined by terms such as demasculinise (an Diſſimulee c), mortal  (a mort l) matter (mettre a), emulatory (tre a mort luy), weapon stored (ue Au pon_t de Sor) and fearles rogues (Sorgue_s ſe fera l). The impression given by these terms reflects the story of Christ's line found throughout Nostradamus' work. And in particular that part of the story that takes place around the end of this century.


By the pestilential enmity of Languedoc,
the tyrant dissimulated will be driven out.
The bargain will be made on the bridge at Sorgues
to put to death both him and his follower
Par peſtilente inimitie Volsicque
Diſſimulee chaſſera le tyran
Au pont de Sorgues ſe fera la traffique
De mettre a mort luy et ſon adherant

L1:<Paper liSt><lenient PaperS><it solVe ic (99)><loVesicqQ Super-aPe><entitleS inimitiVe (ammonia-like) Pauper><clOvis (early French King) Parque (fates) Epistle>

L2: <~alterS DiSSeminule chaSe ray~><tale chaSerS><ShearS try DemaSculiniSe><arDently muliSeS each><chaSe ran eaSterly><relate mule iSiS chaSeS>

L3: <fearleSs rogueS> <Stored uueApon><foregueSSes><altar quiff Safer> < uSes ogreS> rafael /aflare

L4:<adherent truly noteS><and So tehran yet><heard><Son had utterly><mortal> <matter><emulatory headStone> hand

1: demasculinise, foreguesses, emulatory, headstone, ardently, easterly, quiff,
2: Alresscha, tumoral, cliques, adherent, utterly,
3: disseminule, violets, entitle, truly,
4: atmometer, Metator, uueapon, Isis,
5: pestilent, adherant, entitles, mulises, fearless, lenient, Tehran, 
6: superape, violet, olives, loves / solve,
7: donates,
8: quisce, guess,
9: searches, Chelsea, epistle, hand,
10: pelates, assured, giver,
11: Dupont, harden, gores / ogres,
12: stoney, pauper,
13: Alferes, fess,
14: petrils / resplit / triples, drains, Islum, shares, Raffi,
15: heard,
16: love, Iove,
17: olive,
18: -
19: aflare, Rafael, upon, fart, tarf,
20: head,
21: chasers / crashes, list, Tyre,
22: mortal, altar, herd, had,
23: quic

Key Ideas:

demasculinise, foreguesses, emulatory, headstone, ardently, easterly, quiff, Alresscha, tumoral, cliques, adherent, utterly,  disseminule, violets, entitle, truly, atmometer, Metator, uueapon, Isis, pestilent, adherant, entitles, mulises, fearless, lenient, Tehran, superape, violet, olives, loves / solve, donates, quisce, guess, searches, Chelsea, epistle, hand, pelates, assured, giver, Dupont, harden, gores / ogres, stoney, pauper, Alferes, fess, petrils / resplit / triples, drains, Islum, shares, Raffi, heard,  love, Iove, olive, aflare, Rafael, upon, fart, tarf, head, chasers / crashes, list, Tyre,mortal, altar, herd, had, quic.


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