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Nostradamus C7 Q22: Symbols used for a societal timescale.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 27 Differences between Mid-Eastern and European cremation practices mislead novices as to the symbols used for Jesus geneThis verse is about the symbols Nostradamus uses as a timescale for societal change.


It involves death rituals related to a time of airplane travel when the differences between European and Mid-Eastern cremation practices come to dominate the cultural divide.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Society needs poems yes-no semeiotical timescale
2. Mid-eastern canon mistreated eery cremation scenery
3. Quezt to zetout Jexu gene domineer modern ritez banz 

4. Envious novices executes prisoner arouse Europeans recipients
The citizens of Mesopotamia
angry with their friends from Tarraconne;
games, rites, banquets, every person asleep,
vicar at Rhone city taken and those of Ausonne
Les citoyens de Meſopotamie
Yres encontre amis de Tarraconne
Jeux ritz banquetz toute gent endormie
Vicaire au Roſne prins cite ceux d'Auſone.

L1: <society needs semeiotical [symbol using] poeMS><timescaLe doyens seeM to poSe>

L2: <none raTed arc scenerY><daTe cremations><misread eerY consent><once raiment Traders><Tara-Reids connerY scene> eradicaTor misTreated mideasTern

L3:<modern gent zetout banquetz><it banz quezt to><domineer Jexu>

L4: <euRopeanS air uSA noVice><uSA uxed noVice air princes cite><noRSe><princes enViouS excudAte><uuAxed oVenS><peRSon incites> pRiSoner

1: semeiotical, banquetz, society, timescale,
2: domineer, novices, mistreated, cremation,  misread, scenery, quezt, banz,
3: diameters, envious, novice, zetout, doyens, banq,
4: excudate, batz, Jexu,
5: Elamites, cremations, demoness, banquet, incites, prisoner,   spinner,
6: Mid-eastern,
7: recipients, Mid-east,
8: Europeans, Reimond, Nimrod, uuaxed, ovens,
9: itz,
10: raiments, Tarared, modern,
11: eery, poems, tezt, maids,
12: canon, stoney,
13: caudex,
14: Aartemis,
15: retard / trader, vice, aeria,
16: retards / traders,
17: princes, raiment, arriue, atop,
18: yes-no,
19: aflare / Rafael, upon, fart / tarf,
20: consent, astride / tirades,
21: -
22: atom,
23: -.

semeiotical, banquetz, timescale, society, mistreated, cremation, domineer, novices, admires, scenery, diameters, envious, novice, doyens, Jexu, cremations, demoness, prisoner, Elamites, banquet, incites, spinner, Mid-eastern, recipients, Mid-east, Europeans, Nimrod, waxed, ovens, Tarared, modern, maids / Midas, poems, eery, stoney, canon, caudex, trader, vice, princes, raiment, atop, yes-no,  Rafael, upon, consent,  tirades, crashes, list, Tyre, atom.




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