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Nostradamus C7 Q23: Symbols for timescale based on Famous figures.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is again about the symbols Nostradamus uses as a timescale for societal change.

The anagrams from which the keys to this verse will come include:

contrarian pretended lender places Royals respect ancestor Croatian procreates
Le Royal ſceptre sera contrainct de prendre

Perseus precedes assures Rousseau creed negating wars entoning Savior ageing seque[n]ces
Ce que ſes predeceſſeurs auoient engaige

maternal fear Tamerlane superintend pretend equips equal foreman
Puis que l'aneau on fera mal entendre

no invader Laplander slays as aclassic regal role works
Lors qu'on viendra le palays ſaccager
The Royal scepter will be forced to take
that which his predecessors had pledged.
Because they do not understand about the ring
when they come to sack the palace.
Le Royal ſceptre sera contrainct de prendre
Ce que ſes predeceſſeurs auoient engaige
Puis que l'aneau on fera mal entendre
Lors qu'on viendra le palays ſaccager

L1: <peters contrarian Scale><reSpects LoyaleR predicant [preaching] ancestor><pedantic Role render Slay /layS><reset placeS on arc> encripted croation

L2:<aging teen><precedes rouSSeaus><SeeS uuars precedes><perSeus SecedeS ursae><Suuears decreeS> negating anti-gene

L3: <suPerintend male fear equal> <foreman><mental fear Pure salique end>pretend equals tamerlane (14thC Persian warlord -fearful invader)

L4: <laplander aSsays cc [200] regal vine><nonvarred quorrels><aS paler invader Slay/ layS>

1: superintend, contrarian, Laplander,
2: predicant, procreates, negating, Croatian, Rousseaus, foreman, suuears, secedes, slays,
3: re-predicant, encripted, pedantic, maternal, precedes, sauiour,
4: supersede, secures,
5: spectral / sceptral, antigene, squalene, Rousseau, quips, decrees, decree, Alya,
6: respects / sceptres, royals / solary, aging,
7: quorrels, retraces, Perseus (2x in this verse)
8: Tamerlane, loyaler, ageing, places, assures, says,
9: -,
10: pretend (2x in this verse) , Al-Gore, careers, cage,
11: repeaters, antigen, peeress,
12: nonvaried, requips, uneqal, lament/ mental / mantle, grace, frame, Anael, lays / slay (2x in this verse),
13: equals,
14: equips, uuars,
15: sauior, uuears/ suuear / uuares,
6: retards / traders,
17: -
18: respect / sceptre / spectre, creed,
19: -,
20: ancestor,
21: pressed, lender,
22: -,
23: -

contrarian, Laplander, superintend, procreates, predicant, negating, foreman, Croatian, Rousseau, Perseus, Tamerlane, Al Gore, swears, encripted, secedes, slays, pedantic, maternal, precedes, Saviour, supersede, squalene, secures, decree, respects, aging, royals, places, assures, pretend, careers, equips, wars, ancestor, pressed, creed.


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