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Nostradamus C7 Q24: The Jesus clone comes to prominence after raids on airplanes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Verses In Nostradamus work are linked using repetition and in this case the text gives us strong clues that this is the story of the Jesus-clone who as it suggest he is conceived through the lust of a diseased man. The man who comes out of his tomb is the Jesus-clone and this verse takes us to the time when he leaves the gang that has raised him.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

unseeable yule story rotary tryad ray outbeam tomb mob leave
L'enſeuely ſortyra du tombeau

often feared chain relies for relief Ferriole pound gunport after draftee charade chained Chileans lines 
Fera de chaines lier le fort du pont

eponymous poem anyones focused bear Bear 
Empoyſonne auec oeufz de Barbeau

Um Qasir qualmier pounds granted danger older Iran airplane landed
Grand de Lorraine par le Marquis du Pont
He who was buried will come out of the tomb,
He will cause the fort of the bridge to be tied in chains,
Poisoned with the spawn of a pimp,
the great one from Lorraine by the Marquis du Pont
L'enſeuely ſortyra du tombeau
Fera de chaines lier le fort du pont
Empoyſonne auec oeufz de Barbeau
Grand de Lorraine par le Marquis du Pont
L1: <ray story><sorely try> unseal tomb mob baume troy lenaeus ensuable nebulae unseeable yule symbol rosy ensue rotary bleneau albeeu

L2: <foret'ld chain relies upon draftee><feared chain lies><trod upon after><each lines> font charade chileans often after inhales read foretold china tudor relief chained ferriole pound forelie isil

L3: <anyones poem> aauebber aueber feuucodez eponymous oannes brazed barbed bear

L4: <grant upon raimond de perrella(montsigur><pounds iraqu> ldr) gunport meraq marq plainer danger older airplane umqasir lorraine marquise alarmer repeal rapine
1: eponymous, feuu-codez, unseeable, gunport, nebulae,
2: airoplaner, ensuable, ferriole, anyones, fuzed,
3: qualmier, charade, inhales, brazed, meraq,
4: Chileans, Um Qasir, fpounds, draftee, barbed, rotary,
5: marquise, airplane, relief,
6: chained, reached, landed,
7: refaced, arched, marq,
8: Lenaeus,
9: -
10: story / Troys,
11: Lorraine, Dupont (2 x), alarmer / realarm,
12: posy,
13: marque, unseal, often,
14: pound (2 x),
15: fortel,
16: sorely,
17: beam,
18: plainer,
19: Yules, bread / bared, upon (2x),
20: chain/ China,
21: Oannes,
22: Tudor, Iraqu,
23: tomb, poem, floe,

few-codes, eponymous, Chileans, qualmier, gunport, unseeable, Marquise, Ferriole, airplane, charade, chained, rotary, draftee, reached, Merak, relief, landed, Lenaeus, Lorraine, Dupont, plainer, story, pound, often, sorely, unseal, Oannes, Tudor, chain, plainer, poem, lines.

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