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Nostradamus C7 Q26: A germ hits America as quarantine regulations are thwarted.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

I Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 26 Seven war ships involved in Puritan battles at Vermont and Minque over radiation harm to human seed. tst is quite likely that this verse foretells the setting in which a viral disease afflicts the world. It is a disease that should be avoidable and the USA blames its arrival in eastern USA on foreign shipping services that fail to properly examine cargo and don't play their part in thwarting these actions of a terrorist sect.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Puritan gestate seed pretends unfairest uranites fissure detour all legal 
2. Israel realise Vermont revile men more or never tell venom urge
3. Defamed dream carried service uuar-code deprives
4. Eastern men excused ape chase ape arrested incest qin at Easter
Foists and galleys around seven ships,
a mortal war will be let loose.
The leader from Madrid wounded by arrows
two escaped and five brought to land.

Fuſtes et gallees autour de ſept nauires
Sera liuree vne mortelle guerre
Chef de Madric receura coup de vires
Deux eſchapees et cinq menees a terre.
  1. <usa allege unFaireSt> <step set detour> <puritan see fuses set touuard legal><FiSsure gestate>
  2. <Seer urge tell even more><Seer never more tell uiral urge> vermont meteor venom
  3. <serviCe he faMed> <carried a coup cure><dreaM fed riChes>< adMires deChifres>
  4. <meninqe sect excuSed re easter><~meninque sect excuse heap arresteD~>
1: nevermore, service, gestate,
2: unfairest, fissure, easement, deprive,Vermont, , Meninqe, defamed, carried, unprotested, dechifers, xudee,
3: famed,
4: touuards, Puritan, venom, Verneuil,
5: fuses,
6: -
7: pretends, excuse, allege,
8: furies, 
9: touuard Easterner, arrested, gall,
10: acrid, testes,
11: reurges,
12: gates / stage,
13: riches, cheers,
14: detours, admire, retell / teller, revise,
15: legal,
16: uranite,
17: uranites, Cephas, meteor / remote, gets,
18: excused, chaps / Pasch, crier, never, heap, cura,
19: -
20: realise, exuder / reduxe, Sepdet, cheap, fires,
21: aleles, tuuo,
22: encites, Tudor, cqin / incq,
23: reliue / reuile, Senate.

nevermore, service, gestate, unprotested, dechifers, unfairest, Vermont, Meninqe, deprive, easement, carried, fissure, exudee,  famed,  towards, Verneuil, Puritan, venom, fuses, pretends, excuse, allege, furies, Easterner, arrested, gall, acrid, testes, reurges, gates / stage, riches, cheers, detours, admire, retell / teller, revise,  legal, excused, chaps / Pasch, crier, never, heap, cura, realise, exuder / reduxe, Sepdet, cheap, fires, aleles, tuuo, encites, Tudor, cqin / incq, reliue / reuile, Senate.


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