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Nostradamus C7 Q28: Loyal supporters of the sick and dying share their terrible fate.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 28 Thirty old greek names inc Hector, Learchus, Dryope, Antigone linked to Apep comet events This verse tells the story of the Jesus-clone gangs attempt to capture a nuclear waste facility. However the site is protected by deadly poison that sprays upon unwanted intruders.


The incorporation of people from classic Greek legends suggests this site is located on the Greek Isles close to the Middle-East.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Dryope arranged ruined place ponder danger eyedrop contained
2. Antigone designate normal rules men need on scrophules lumpiness
3. Rape fear a feature after elevatory love reunion
4. Learchus echo Hector tormentor Apep'z torrent recombines times tribesmen born
The captain will lead a great herd
on the mountain closest to the enemy.
Surrounded by fire he makes such a way,
all escape except for thirty put on the spit.
Le capitaine conduira grande proye
Sur la montaigne des ennemis plus proche
Enuironne par feu fera tel voye
Tous eſchappez or trente mis en broche.
L1: <place i contained><redeploy><~once it in a place rigaud(benoist> eyedrop ran~ arranged ponder aconite

L2: <scrophules><normal giant sepulchrous seed><lumpiness<enn desigante simple use><antigone mural needs men><mural end seen she atoning proclus imp~> corpus moral designate crops

L3: <after love><feu fear elevatory reunion><pen feature reunion fear>

L4: <~he recombines torrentz to schappe(silk thread><to echo tribesmen uses><enter bromines touches><papez tormenter is borne> use~ pasch pesach
1: elevatory, tribesmen, sepulchrous, touches,
2: recombines, lumpiness, Apepz, torrentz, contained,
3: scrophules, bromines, Hector, impulse, hector,
4: Giraud, scrophule,
5: tormenter, redeploy, normal, eyedrop, reflate,
6: arraigned, Proclus, Tropez, zero,
7: Antigone, Dryope, lurches,
8: Learchus, corpus, feature, aconite, mural,
9: reunion, ponder,
10: Schappe,
11: atoning, antigen,
12: -
13: -
14: impels/ simple, borne,
15: -
16: chores, chose, love, yov,
17: torrent, Cephas, gained,
18: chaps / Pasch, moral,
19: -
20: arranged,
21: -
22: giant, place,
23: crops.

sepulchrous, elevatory, tribesmen, touches, recombines, contained, lumpiness, montlaur, torrentz, Apepz / Papez, scrophules, bromines, impulse, Hector, Ponderary, esignate, Giraud / Rigaud, tormenter, deployer / redeploy, eyedrop, normal, la Ferte / reflate, arraigned, Proclus, choreus, arraign, Tropez, zero, Antigone / negation, lurches, Dryope, Learchus, aconite, corpus, feature, mural, reunion, ponder,  Schappe, atoning, antigen, impels/ simple, borne, chores, chose, love, yov, torrent, Cephas, gained, chaps / Pasch, moral, arranged,  giant, place,: crops.

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