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Nostradamus C7 Q29: The great leader captured by a woman using gas upon a train.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 29 A member of the d'Estrees blood line is responsible for a detrimental derailmentIn this verse we have a minor story in which a leader is capured on a train by the use of gases and a maidens guiles.

Its anagrams include:

1. Devisable debacles believes envies relabeled rebel danger

2. Seas gases reflates passengers  detrimental derailment amnesties later terminated maiden greatness
3. Deranged Bernard rebelled guided elusive evils
4. Men redress d'Estrees deferment if omen menu steered pact
The great one of Alba will come to rebel,
he will betray his great forebears.
The great man of Guise vanquishes him,
led captive with a monument erected.
Le grand Duc d'Albe ſe viendra rebeller
A ſes grans peres fera le tradiment
Le grand de Guiſe le viendra debeller
Captif mene et dreſſe monument.

L1: <invader ungraDed rebel debAcles><bernard believeS> <Larger ell end deviSAble bearer><envieS barred><enLarger relabel><rare blAdeS envied><renderable evASible>

L2:<~peers ran detrimental gASes fears~><~At a passenger derailment refers~><feral trade AmneSties passenger><peers terminAted falser gASes><maiden alter SeAts><dementiAS alter fears><peers reflate radi'm greatness><amid SenAtes><later Assent aimed>

L3:<~invader rebelled else L guide danger~><deranged Guiles><lieS unGraded><drained eluSive><~elSe relabeled L Guide danger driven~><Larger ell be dread><~elSe invader guided belled enLarger~><Guided range>

L4: <~if men entered Moses menu paCt~><~SeemS pit deferment mountanCe [quantity]~><SeemS deferment no pittanCe><deferment impunCtate omenS><~if Some men reSented menu paCt~>

1: detrimental, devisable, renderable, deferment, relabeled, evasible, believes, rebelled,
2: impunctate, mountance, debacles, relabel,
3: derailment, passengers, pittance, reflates, barred,
4: branded, elusive, Bernard, minted, guides,
5: terminated, passenger, reflate,
6: senates, guide, amid,
7: reinvaded, dementias, Verdandi, dilater, d' Estrees (2x), blades,
8: amnesties, diameter, guiles, radim,
9: sprang, falser,
10: dessert, mined,
11: Serpens,
12: bearer,
13: deranged, Perseans, Alferes, aimed, bleed, Moses,
14: resented, admire,
15: Horace,
16: drained, bees,
17: greatness, menu,
18: steered, blade, triad,
19: tirade, bared / bread,
20: inmates, maiden, gases / sages,
21: Pierre, agree,
22: rebel,
23: senate, dud.

Key Ideas:

detrimental, devisable, renderable, deferment, relabeled, evasible, believes, rebelled, impunctate, mountance, debacles, relabel,  derailment, passengers, pittance, reflates, barred, branded, elusive, Bernard, minted, guides / iudges, terminated, reflate, senates, amid, reinvaded, dementias, Verdandi, dilater, d' Estrees (2x), blades, amnesties, diameter, guiles, Radim, sprang, falser, dessert, mined, Serpens, bearer, deranged, Alferes, aimed, bleed, Moses, resented, admire, Horace, drained, bees, greatness, menu, steered, tirade, inmates, maiden, gases / sages,  Pierre, agree, rebel.



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