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Nostradamus C7 Q33: Ageism lies behind laws to kill the young with minor ills such as obesity.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 33 A kingdom stripped of forces by a fraud started by a spy. In response two false friend come to rally the people but insted awaken ancient hatreds based on age, stomach ailments and sexual ills. This verse relates to a time in the second half of the 21stC when the main drivers of a new war become apparent.


 At that time genetic issues are coming to the fore. There is increasing infertility and an economic drain because of an ageing population.


 The factors occurring at this time can be found emerging in many verses and each holds links that tie them to a continuing story of flood, genetic, manipulation, cloning, religious war and fire in the sky.


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Far underage gene enforce sex pox peril
2. Special ellipse scales obsess apes ageless sagas please sages
3. Iller aims messy environed fanaticz used afix zymases Nordien tallier relied
4. Iller maps pass any enlodgement so pious hear see evils
The kingdom stripped of its forces by fraud,
the fleet blockaded, passages for the spy;
two false friends will come to rally
to awaken hatred for a long time dormant.
Par fraude regne forces expolier
La claſſe obſeſſe paſſages a l'eſpie
Deux fainctz amys ſe viendront rallier
Eſueiller hayne de long temps aſſoupie
L1: <force expose a peril><oil fraud><reduce gene for sex> underage gender ceres repair enforces urfa confer oeil score reneged

L2: <especial sagas seal><call obsess sees ages pass><passage pleases a obese class> a scales ageless ellipse seeps gasses passes ascella elapses alice gases sages

L3: <messy fanaticz not driven a ill exuder><my anticz><al ride> dreux literal inversed zymases uxed may deliuer reduxe environed iesvs

L4: <pious deny hear ill use><get olden maps><enlodgement pass soup> ayen needy spasms hillary hera long golden asopus hay
1: fanaticz, ZYMASES,
5: EXPOSE, SPECIAL, SPASM, especial, ascella,  actz,
6: longestmaps, lodgement,
7: refuxed, passage, SAGAS, exces,
8: enforce, messy, AFIX, fax,
10: -
11: mays,
13: literal, deliuer, PIOUS,
14: ILLUSE, useill,
15: underage, ayen,
16: golden, deriue,
17: elapses, pleases, relied,
18: duarf, fraud, pox,
19: gales,
20: exuder, reduxe, rexdeu, gases, sages,
21: degreen,
22: -
23: -

fanatics, obsess, zymases, enlodgement, passages, longest maps, enforces, special, antics, environed, ageless, Ascella, obsess, enforce, ellipse, underage, needy, gasses, spasm, obese, acts, forces, confer, golden, sagas, literal, use, call, messy, ill, gene, afix, pleases, pious, deny, confer, pox, relied.


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