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Nostradamus C7 Q35: Jesus-clone gang attacks armored petroleum facilities.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 35 Increasingly longer life leads to deception and this is very notable in the petroleum era when it will appear the Fates have tampered with the human nervous system. The Jesus clone (the great Fish) will come to regret deceptions over the origins of his DNA as his own health issues become apparent via his speech.The Jesus clone (great fish) gang is driven out of its base at a time when an Empress has what looks like a cancerous illness of their nervous system.


In the anagrams it is implied these events are a culmination from the words of the Roman Fates (Parcae).


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Re-enlarged speech enraged invader airplan deplore larger role

2. Aged avoid lesser petroleum route Merops poems sees Angolans irresolute response
3. Giuer grieve word cues dream devour our urge regrow
4. Parcae excused exodus era along ageing ganglia again seducer rescue

The great fish will come to complain and weep
for having chosen, deceived concerning his age
he will hardly want to remain with them,
he is deceived by those of his own tongue
Le grande peſche viendra plaindre plorer
D'auoir eſleu trompes ſeront enl'aage
Guiere auec eux ne voudra demourer
Deceu ſera par ceux de ſon langaige
L1: < speech enlarged driven role><deep anger achieves><invader plain deplore>preprandial(before meal) chevise ireland paladin larger speed airplan reenlarged enlarger

L2: <norse poems lent a irresolute adage><empress route><ten persons><poem note serious result><petroleums rise><damage planet> seeps gaea merops anael mopses response alan galena tonne

L3: <made devour><armoured ire urge><ux uncovered> regrouu uroedema dread vuord mode rearmoured dream edouard uvord

L4: <again song excludes cure><pagan genocide area> loans nodes ganglia uxed seduce parcae secure angolans exude exodus excursed ageing excused adige naggai salon aging reuse enxlouds nolan

Table listing anagram occurrences (1-23) in Nostradamus' Prophecies

1: PETROLEUMS, REGROUU,   2: REARMOURED, GANGLIA, EXODUS, Naggai,    3: IRRESOLUTE, AIRPLAN, diplanar, Paladin Mopses, auoid,
4: ANGOLANS, RESPONSE, EXCURSED,   5: UROEDEMA, raiderplan, armoured, Edouard, Venux, adage,    6: AGING, Nolan, again,   7: reenlarged, empress, Nolans, Merops, SPEECH, adige,  8: preinvade, ageing, hive,  9: -  10: PARCAE,   11: POEMS, RESOLUTE,    12: RESCUE, / secure, Anael, Gedi,  13: -  14: TUMOR,   15: DEVOUR,   16: ALGAE,  17: -
18: excused, seduce, excur,
19: reducex,
20: vuord.
21: -
22: -
23: -

Key Ideas:

preprandial, petroleums, regrouu, rearmoured, petroleum, ganglia, Naggai, exodus, irresolute, diplanar, Paladin, airplan, Mopses, auoid, Angolans, excursed, response, raiderplan, armoured, uroedema, Edouard, Venux, adage, aging, Nolan, again, reenlarged, empress, Nolans, Merops, speech, Adige, preinvade, ageing, hive, Parcae, resolute, poems, rescue / secure, Anael, Gedi, tumor, parca, nux, devour, algae, excused, seduce, excur, reducex.

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